My Precious!

My Precious!

Aww yeah baby! Scored myself a CA clean air sticker– one of the limited 10,000 for the year. Ha, ha. My $8 check cleared, so that means the Precious will be mine later this month. Thank fucking goodness! Finally, I can use the HOV lanes to my heart’s content. Watch out drivers, I’m on a mission to get to work/home as fast as possible. Clear the lane!

Oh, I actually have some other good news: John and I got our rental application on a new place approved today. Later this month, we’ll be moving to a 2 BR townhouse even closer to his work (and to my Highway 92). You see, I was all stressed before the holidays. I combed the housing ads frantically in search of decent rentals. Fortunately, I stumbled on an awesome realtor. He sent me nine properties from his MLS database. From there, I selected two to view. Toured them on Dec. 23 and after speaking with John (who was already in Maryland by then), we put in for one of them. I was a bit worried, because John hadn’t seen the place. Luckily, everything worked out. The listing agent actually moved super slowly on our application, and turns out, John got to go see the place this afternoon. The rental was still as good as I had remembered, thankfully. I hope this new space will be a good fit for us. The owners are cool with the dogs, the place is right next to a park, and it’s super easy access to our work routes. Plus, the unit faces south (a Chinese thing). Lots of natural light, plenty of closet space. I’m keeping the fingers crossed that everything with the community is ok, for example, neighbors and the like. No more of this bullshit Archstone-Smith crap management. Archstone can bite my ass!

Exhale. Of course, all of this means we’re moving in ten days. Let the packing and cleaning begin!

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