Oh George!

Oh George!

I was supposed to fly out of Oakland around 11 tonight. But when I checked my flight status online this afternoon, to my horror, my flight was delayed two hours. My time of departure is now 1:30 in the morning. Nice. And of course security took me all of about 5 minutes. Record time. So here I am, early as hell, at the gate. Thankfully, I have John’s iPod to kill some time. I’m listening to George Michael, and now I’m totally transported to middle school. Ahh, such fond memories during that period. Yeah right. Can you say T-R-A-U-M-A?? All those damn school dances. Jesus, and in the cafeteria and gymnasium no less. Shit man, middle school was all about awkwardness. Who the hell knew such issues would continue into college. Shit. Unhappy times. But, boy did I have the hots for George. Remember that Careless Whispers video? I can still remember sitting in front of our huge blocky 25-inch Magnavox. I had no idea what he was saying, much less singing but damn, he was captivating. Ha, ha. It’s so funny how fickle little girls can be. I swear, I had the hots for a new person like every week. I had a crush on my pediatrician (and later fell for his son— my classmate). I also liked Peter Jennings. I know, I was a total dork. I mean come on, 10 years old, and having a crush on Peter Jennings? In my defense, back then, my love knew no bounds. 🙂

Uh oh. Father Figure playing now. Oh god. I remember at the 8th grade dance, this was the last song, and I actually scored a dance with this kid, Aaron. I was so nervous, we danced with like 2 feet between us, and my palms were so sweaty. And then this damn song… It went on forever. Jesus, felt like an eternity. But I can only laugh now. Eighth grade. I was a Miss Know-it-All, stubborn beotch even then. Sigh. Ok, I have to switch albums soon. I can’t be reflecting on middle school shit. It’s not healthy. Fuck man, I’m 30. Two decades AFTER Monocacy Middle. Ok, now I’m freaking myself out.

And right on queue, here’s Careless Whispers. Ok, I’ll dwell a tad longer… Such a sucker for my man George.

As the music dies, something in your eyes….

Moving on…

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