Baby Dinosaurs

Baby Dinosaurs

Whew! Friday finally– my first day off since Monday. I know, not a big deal for you working/schooling folks, but jesus, I’m beat after working four days straight. I’m getting a good vibe from this new job, but the commute is bugging me already. Sure, sure, 45 minutes doesn’t seem so bad except when you calculate it as a fraction of the workday, a 90-minute commute is practically 20% of the 8-hour shift– a sizeable chunk. And of course, yesterday’s drive back was a nightmare. I was going to try an alternate route, but then I didn’t have my cell phone, I was low no gas, and I was out of tampons. I told you before: I always forget important things when Aunt Flo’s in town. And not to be totally gross, but let’s just say, I had to get home fast. In typical fashion, my urgency only made everything else around me slower: traffic moved at a crawl. I decided against trying the new route (and getting lost), so I returned to I-880. When I finally got home, the dogs were dying to pee (as was I). Poor things, they had to wait– I am alpha dog after all. You’d think getting UTI as a child would be enough of a lesson for me, but I can’t help it. I still either forget to go, or I just fail to recognize the importance of an empty bladder for any journey of any duration.

Anyway, today I’m dog sitting the two Italian greyhounds next door. Boca and Cisco are on the neurotic side, and in all honesty, their overprotective (but friendly) father doesn’t help. So I’ve gone over there three or four times already to let them potty outside, and each time, they haven’t even stepped foot on the lawn. Instead, they’ve shitted and pissed inside twice. Luckily, they piss on the housebreaking pad and shit in the same vicinity (guess that’s good enough…). Still, who has adult dogs that piss/poop indoors? I know Italian greyhounds are pretty small, so their bladders probably can’t hold much volume. Still, four outings in 12 hours and potty accidents still? It’s just not right.

Italian greyhounds are an interesting breed. They’re sight hounds, and they have really short, smooth coats. Too bad the breed makes me think of baby dinosaurs. Don’t worry, I’m still giving them love and attention (even if they aren’t particularly attractive doggies). What they need though, is a bit more discipline…

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