Searching for Answers

Searching for Answers

Ok, so I haven’t been in the best of moods lately… Thankfully, I’m feeling better today. Nothing new really on the job front, other than my own renewed conviction to hang tough. I’m still pulling all kinds of stalker tricks out of my hat in my continued efforts to jam my foot in the door and well, given the paucity of emails in my inbox, it looks like my most recent efforts remain unanswered…

Nonetheless, the sun is shining today. I washed the bed linens and hung them outside to disinfect (Shanghai-style). I did a light dusting, brushed/clipped the dogs, and I’m gearing up for another thorough vacuuming. Funny how cathartic cleaning can sometimes be. Overwhelming at times, liberating at others. Last night I flipped through an issue of InStyle magazine, a monstrous edition. I still don’t understand how these people “create” looks, but at least now I feel I can actually recognize decent looks, whereas before, I had no clue distinguishing good from bad. I started getting excited about all the goods and products. Not that I plan to buy them… it’s just something about the data. I like collecting information. I dunno though, something about starting anew too, updating something (besides the resume). I still subscribe to my no net gain or loss philosophy with clothes (if I buy something new, I force another item into retirement)… after all, who has all the space for this stuff. There’s another clothing swap coming up in early October… I’m debating whether or not to go. I’m not too keen on the venue, the same nightclub again. Still, I’ve set aside my retired garments just in case.

Anyway, back to the magazine. InStyle gave me about two hours of leisure stimulation, if that makes any sense. I came across this ad too (pictured), which piqued my interest. I can really get into classification systems and labels, at least as much as the next Myers-Briggs addict. Here is yet another opportunity to gain insight about myself. Yes, the handwriting analysis sounds a bit sketchy; I’m not a total believer. But whatever, it’s free (always key) and you never know, I could learn something new. While I wait for the results, I’ll continue reading Malcolm Gladwell’s, The Tipping Point, recommended (a billion times) by my friend Joon. Joon’s recommendations are like gold: he was so right about City Diner; if only I’d have heeded his advice sooner. From now on…

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