Lizards and Flying Pigs

Lizards and Flying Pigs

John and I headed into the city this past weekend. We checked out a BATS Improv performance at Fort Mason, right across from where my good friend Josh used to live (sniff, sniff!). Yeah, Josh is no longer in SF; he moved to Boston the same day John moved to CA. Total bummer, and I’m still not over the shit timing. Anyway, Josh used to live in a kickass apartment right along the water in the Marina district. Prime, prime location and well, you pay out the nose for it too.

Anyhow, the improv was enjoyable, though not as entertaining as the one we saw years ago in Ballston Commons Mall. I kinda forgot that improv is a popular event for families and kids, because it’s a bit like madlibs– the performers get key words and ideas from the audience so the kiddies really eat that stuff up. That was really the crappy part of it, because kids always suggest lame topics like “lizards” and “flying pigs” and shit like that. Still, in spite of elementary- and middle-school-aged kids packing the theater, there was a hefty dose of cussing, so I felt right at home.

I also bought a used bike this weekend. Went to this lady’s house… it was a total sty and she creeped me out (Was she high or insane? I can never tell these things– either way, I got a bad vibe), but the good news is, I got a decent road bike for $50. Gotta love Craigslist, or as my father calls it, Gregslist. I just need to pump the tires and get a lock. Voila, my new gym-replacement. Check out the rad pics– Shimano brakes, yeah!

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