Don’t Get Smart with Me, Mister!

Don’t Get Smart with Me, Mister!

Friday already. Aren’t I glad I declined my friend’s invitation to meet her in Europe for two weeks (she’s there on business) starting today? So I sent an email to my shippers… before I’d left Shanghai, they’d estimated that my shipment would arrive around today. So one of the reasons I fore-went (is that a word?) Europe was so I could be around to take care of our shit while John was at work. Well, I should have known better. From the beginning, this entire shipping personal effects experience has been a nightmare. Seriously, I don’t understand why other people make money from my leg work. Anyway, I’m working with two dudes in two offices within one company– the SF office and the SH one.

Long story short, the SF one emails me a reply today, and he has the nerve to give me attitude.

Well, did you ever reply to me with the corrections I requested? Because I never received anything. Please review my message below and make the appropriate changes. I’ve reattached the documents here for your convenience.

Also, I never got a commercial invoice from anyone. You said you were working with our Shanghai agents to create one. Is it completed?

This guy has been condescending from the very beginning. When I asked about shipping an ebike (obviously, a kind of personal effect– something that should be within HIS realm of expertise), he basically scolded me for not doing my “homework.” Like I was supposed to research potential issues with the USEPA and the DOT. First off, how the hell was I supposed to know this was anything different from a normal bicycle. That’s how they’re classified in Shanghai. Second, that’s why I’m asking you, the international shipper/mover. You’re supposed to tell me what the USEPA and DOT regs are. So whatever, I ended up just not getting the ebike. I’ll have the manufacturer ship it directly to me. So then this morning, yeah, I get this smart-ass email. Maybe if you just read it alone, it’s not so bad; that’s why I gave you some context. Fucking asshole.

So I let him have it, with attitude back. I mean, hello?! I replied to your email that same day AND I copied your SH rep (with whom you clearly do not communicate) who told me (the day before I left) everything was good to go. Not my problem you’re Chinese, and you can’t even communicate with your colleagues. Jesus. Plus, if you didn’t receive my documents, why didn’t you follow up? Seriously, wtf? I was so pissed, I went to the pool. Probably looked like a total dork doing my non-swimming exercises. Oh well. When I returned to the apartment, I was still angry so I called him up. He was all apologetic. Apparently, he DID get the email… oops! I swear, these people. How do people like that have jobs and I don’t? Yeah, I AM saying I’m better. The facts are the facts, man. After all, I have the advantage of OCD, so I’m all about keeping tabs and following up.

Anyway, the end result is that my shipment doesn’t arrive in port until August 1. Then, the containers have to be unloaded and the cargo separated, so basically, we’re talking August 8 at the earliest. Oh, just about 11 days later than what I was originally told. So I really could have gone to Europe. Oh well, I like spending time with the hubby. We do our quiet, old-fart activities. 🙂 More fun coming up this weekend too, as I’m in charge of organizing things to do. Shrug.

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