Close Call

Close Call

The night before last, John emailed me: the dog boarding kennel is booked. Two days before his departure, and no one to watch the dogs. For two weeks. I started flipping out.

You see, many boarding facilities in the area have like 150-200 dog runs. In the past, the places just told us to bring the animals; they were never at capacity. Well, bite me in the ass. We forgot about the Independence Day holiday. July 4. Panicked, I stayed up til 3 a.m. that night scrambling for a sitter. We finally found one, thank goodness. R&M man, sandbags of the century. 🙂

Poor John. As usual, he was again slammed at work with meetings all that day. Plus, he was especially unnerved about having to can two people. First time as the doer, rather than the watcher. I imagine firing someone is very difficult. You think about the impact, not just on the individual but their loved ones, their family. It’s not easy. And John was tormented despite the facts. These people are so aggravating though. I understand that work blows. I’ve been there– depressed and disgruntled. But still, do your damn work. You can have a bad attitude; you can use up all your sick leave or whatever. But don’t be an asshole. Likely you’re not saving the world or anything, so please, just get your shit done. That’s what you’re paid to do. I mean, it’s that simple. If you’re not productive, why should you continue drawing a paycheck? It’s not rocket science. Wtf, man. Get with the program.

So, John’s a nice guy and he was losing sleep over having to do this. Damn fuckers. I mean, there are plenty of people who want to make a decent living. If these bastards are unhappy and unproductive, they’ve got to go. It’s no one’s fault but theirs. They’ve made the conscious decision not only to slack ass, but also to be jerks. So screw it. They were asking for it. I know, I sound harsh but Bubbey comes first. Stop making his life so complicated and difficult. He’s not a goddamn babysitter. The job isn’t supposed to be ’round the clock crisis management; it’s supposed to be project management, development, and planning. Jesus Christ.

So anyway, surprise surprise: John’s gonna have to work while he’s here. But hopefully he’ll get some rest.

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