Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe

Today was the last day of class. All of about four students showed. I’ve finally decided to forgo the final exam (this Monday). Yeah, I could still study for it, and technically John would still be jetlagged, but eh, why bother. I’ve learned loads and honestly, now just isn’t the time for proving myself or whatever.

So anyway, our final reading class ended up just being a chat session. Long story short, I received two very blatant clues suggesting that I’m now officially an old, pruny hag. First clue? My teacher asked how many kids I have. Uh, hello? Do I look like a goddamn mother to you? Jesus. Then my nemesis, it turns out, is tiger (same as my brother); she’s 32. When she heard that I was 30, she about fell out of her chair. “What??? I’m older than you? I thought you were 36 or 37!” Yup? Can you believe the audacity of this beotch? Me? Mid 30’s? I mean, yeah I haven’t exactly been looking my best lately, but damn, why don’t you just call me a senior citizen already! Wtf, man?

So teach started asking me what I do here in Shanghai. I explained that I freelance and also volunteer for various organizations. In the following class (listening), Nemesis actually made the effort to converse with me. I tried to give off that standoffish, snobby body language but I guess it didn’t deter her. So turns out, she knows about SCAA AND she wants to foster a dog. That got me going on Sandy, my current foster dog. My ayi said today that Sandy looks like a trampy, dirty dog (even though I washed her); clearly, Wu Ayi is not a fan. But seriously, Sandy is the easiest dog ever. I guess after living in an outdoor pen for so long, she’s totally independent. Just sleeps and drinks. Hardly even eats. But absolutely no whining, whimpering, chewing… and she hasn’t had a single bathroom accident. Un-fucking believable. I guess the “Angels on Earth” award is totally up for grabs now. Remy and Martin may no longer hold the prize… Yeah, Sandy took a couple days to stop her constant shaking/trembling (she was so frightened), and she initially frustrated me with her collar/leash shenanigans. But now? She NEVER pulls on the leash. This is what walking a dog is supposed to be like, man. So anyhow, I’ll have her until the day after John arrives, unless he’s keen on keeping her awhile longer. Probably not a good idea if I actually get the packers to come take our shit July 4 or 5. But back to Nemesis. Yeah, she’s all keen on checking out Sandy; we even exchanged mobile numbers. Ugh, so now I’m in this awkward gray zone. I mean, I don’t pretend to be a forgiving person. For sure, I judge (on others’ actions, of course) and man, if I think you’re a lesser human being, I really won’t give you the time of day. I know, sounds totally elitist, but sorry, I have a lot of friends and I don’t really need to bulk up my posse (haha!) with mediocre characters, you know? Yeah, sounds totally harsh but look, I got standards and expectations. And in the case of Nemesis, her past actions really made me dislike her. I still think she’s a ridiculous person, but for the sake of Sandy, perhaps something can be arranged? I don’t know. I mean, will she be responsible? She’s pretty studious; I just think she’s rude. So maybe that means she won’t scoop the shit… sucks to be her neighbor… See my dilemma? Ugh. And now I have to invite her to my house to see the dog. Pretend to play nice. Eye roll. I don’t know how else to explain. All semester long, she’s just really rubbed me the wrong way. Anyone else want to foster Sandy? She’s the sweetest thing, I swear…

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