I HATE Job Hunting!

I HATE Job Hunting!

OMFG, what is up with employers wanting resumes cut/pasted into text-only boxes? Yes, content is content, but jesus, it’s no huge discovery that formatting MAKES a difference. Ugh. So freaking annoying. Even techie places make such ridiculous demands. What is up with that? Isn’t everything simplier in PDF? No unauthorized mods, and docs look just as they should, regardless of which Word version or whatever.

Anyway, I’ve been doing job apps all frickin’ weekend. At first, I was trying to tailor the resume and cover letter (that’s what the experts advise anyway) to each organization/company, but then I was getting sick of it. Plus, there were only so many permutations I could finagle. Screw it, man. From now on, just minor tweaks. Anyway, employers only give each application a 30-seconds lookover. Not even worth it. And damn, is it just me, or are there a ton of incompetent, lazy dumbfucks out there in high-paying jobs? What is wrong with this world? I want a sweet-ass job! And I promise I’ll try to get along with everyone. And meet all the deadlines. And submit accurate work. Why? Why hasn’t anyone replied to my letters yet? It ain’t right, man. I know, you’re playing the violin…

Speaking of stringed instruments, I got my guzheng restrung and tuned yesterday. Awesome. The teacher came with this electronic tuning device, and the thing plays like a charm now. If only I could play decently and give the instrument some justice. I think I will treat my friends to a performance before I go… gotta get practicing. Of course, Ozzie chewed up my roll of tape (which secures the picks on my fingers) this morning. I think the tape is still salvageable; it’s just a tad wet and slimy. Eww!

Ugh. So many things to do before I leave. Just a month left, can you believe it? On my list: food safari (anyone up for BJ duck?), trip to Jiuzhaigou or Lijiang, roller skating, bowling, horseback riding, ERA (Chinese-version of Cirque du Soleil), another Mandarin-only play, Game Night/BBQ (I’m a pyro), hair highlights, majiang, as many massages as I can squeeze in… I know, some of the activities I can do in the States– problem is, John’s not so accommodating and in SF, I have like no friends. Well one or two maybe. Eh, I’m allowing myself too many distractions: I’m supposed to be studying for the HSK (next Sunday)! 🙁 Plus, I need to get cracking on moving logistics. Shit. Been procrastinating with making phone calls.

Ah well, manana. Gotta go to the gym tonight.\

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