Bday Follow-up

Bday Follow-up

Well my parents forgot my bday again. In fact, it’s now June 11, and they still haven’t figured it out. I guess it’s not that big a deal considering my family’s never really been into anything festive or celebratory. Plus, this isn’t the first time they’ve forgotten. Let’s see… they forgot my 16th and my 29th. When I was 16, like any other teeny-bopper, I loved John Hughes’s film, “Sixteen Candles.” My parent’s forgetfulness pretty much gave me reason to be Samantha (Molly Ringwald) for the week. Haha, yes I cranked out all the drama I could manage.

My friend Joon busted out with a bday present for me today. So sweet. A chocolate sampler from Mon Reve Patisserie. Don’t ask me how to say the name, but hey, it’s a French pastry shop, so you KNOW the chocolate is serious. The little truffles are exquisite, and yes, that is just the adjective to describe them. Decadent, little pieces that the chef individually hand painted to life with an airbrush! I ate two already and they were heavenly. Truffles. Such delightful treasures.

You know I’m really beginning to notice a theme these days– the oil paintings, the play, the guzheng tuner lady, these chocolates… If only I were creative and artistic like all these people… Sigh. I’m too damn lazy. I kill way too much time reading entertainment news. Gotta get with a program. Any program. Talent can be acquired, can’t it?

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