Over the Hill— Officially

Over the Hill— Officially

Well I’m officially 30 years old now. No longer the spring chicken in my roaring 20’s. Nope. Now, I’m a totally washed out thirty-something. Yippee. Can you feel the enthusiasm?

Today was a shit day, man: Cloudy weather, a light chill. As usual, I didn’t sleep well, so I woke up before 6 am, walked Ozzie, and somehow still managed to get to class late (my first time walking in 15 minutes late!). Then in class I had trouble staying fully alert during the lesson… I looked like total shit. Bags under the eyes and everything. Plus walking the dog in the grass made my sneakers soggy. Gross. I should have known the day was jinxed.

Ah well, I suppose my friends Susie and Pamela helped me make the best of the day. In the end their efforts succeeded. We had a kickass lunch at the fusion place 239. I’m a huge fan of set lunches. Love the set menu. Then, we spent the afternoon primping it up at the spa. Had a Japanese shiatsu massage at Dragonfly (that place is pretty hit or miss). Nice ambiance, but not sure the skills match those of the blind dudes at Double Rainbow. Regardless, my masseuse worked out some knots in my shoulders (I’ve been camping out on the bed– studying and working on the computer–for far too long) and I actually managed to fall asleep. Even caught myself snoring a couple times. Unfortunately, the massage thing turned out not to be such a bonding experience as all three of us ended up in separate rooms. Who knew Thursday afternoon would be such a busy time? Afterwards, we headed next door for a manicure/pedicure combo. I know, complete indulgence. Since it was my birthday, they even gave me hand painted flowers on my big toes. Too bad a nice pedicure and beautiful, delicate flowers still don’t do the trick: my feet are really rather ugly. Such a lost cause that I won’t even tell how many silly pictures I had to take on the digital camera just to get this single mediocre shot. Oh well. At least the nails are trim, and the colors are nice for summer.

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