Betrayal to the Highest Degree

Betrayal to the Highest Degree

Quite unexpectedly, I’ve come to rather enjoy this living alone arrangement. Not that I don’t adore my Bubbey and pups, but when you live alone, it’s all-you-can-eat me time. I get to do what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. I mean, it’s a little difficult to explain, so please don’t misconstrue: in NO way is Bubbey possessive, controlling, or high maintenance. When he’s here, there are no rules or restrictions but still, I find myself wanting to go home earlier rather than later. I want to go home to spend time with my honey and with the dogs. So while that is certainly my choosing, I think subconsciously maybe there is still a bit of expectation… which is fine. That comes with the territory of being in any relationship. But what I’m saying is, when I’m here on my own, there’s just an added freedom. I wouldn’t necessarily trade one for the other; it’s just that I appreciate the advantages of both sides. For example, if I’m hungry but feeling lazy, I’ll just make popcorn or eat cereal or get Lawson’s sushi rolls. That super simple kind of fare rarely passes for John. He can eat cereal for dinner once or twice, but like three days in a row? Forget it. He needs a real meal after that, something substantial. To me, that decision alone is so much trouble: you gotta think of a place to eat, figure out how to get there, then make selections from the menu… it’s so many steps and stages, you know? And it takes time, whereas with the cereal or sushi rolls, you’re hungry then you’re fed. Problem solved in a matter of minutes. So anyway, this living single can be kinda fun. Not all the time, of course. But sometimes, yes, it’s rather enjoyable.

Lately, I’ve also thought a bit about life after Remy and Martin. A totally depressing subject, but one we’ll have to face eventually. So the big issue is, will we get another dog? Recently, I’ve been thinking no… just because if we want to travel the world… blah, blah. And well frankly, it didn’t help when John put me on speakerphone the other day and Martin didn’t respond AT ALL to my voice. Even Remy gave a disappointing showing, but I guess at least she wagged her tail. Yeah, totally bummin’, those two. I mean, that’s all the excitement their long lost mother gets after a month of separation? How’s that for loyalty.

So that’s fine, man. I’ve moved on… without skipping a beat, I might add. In fact, I’m shacking up with Ozzie now. What a dreamboat… only 7 months old but incredibly well behaved. Potty trained, no separation anxiety, no chewing. And he’s so spunky. Loves to play fetch– and actually brings the toy back to you (Rem and Marty, you two listening??) So cute! John says he’s having heart to hearts with Remy and Martin: he’s telling them mommy’s betraying them, cheating on them. Whatever, I’m sure they could care less. Hey man, if you can’t show me the love when I call, screw it! There are bigger fish to fry!

Another good thing about Ozzie is that he’s reminded me of how much I really do love dogs. I know, I guess creating a doggie website kinda counts for being a bit cuckoo about canines, but honestly, I was really on the path to convincing myself not to have dogs after R&M! I know, how could I even have thought that???!! But now I realize that Ozzie makes me so happy. I just love dogs too much to live without them. Sure, they can be major sandbags sometimes, but they’re just so cute and when they’re good, they really are angels on earth. I can’t help but be sucked in.

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