OMG, I am a freaking moron! As you know, I hosted Game Night II at my place last weekend. Well part of the party preparations included cleaning off my grill. As a practically permanent fixture on my patio, the grill was all nasty with dust and grime. So before the party, I gave it a good scrubbing… in my shower (my patio has a drain but no faucet– go figure!). At the time, I thought this was a brilliant idea, since my shower head is one of those handheld apparatuses. There I stood, in the shower, scrubbing to my heart’s content. La dee da, sloughing off clobs of black crap and watching it float into the drain.

Duh! Like a total retard with no common sense (much less an engineering degree), I didn’t even register the possibility of a clog. Well, congratulations. I win the idiot prize. The very next day, I hop in the shower and within two minutes, I’m standing in an inch of gray, oily water. What was I thinking? I ignored the problem for a few days: maybe the stoppage would somehow unclog itself. After I could no longer take pruny, greasy feet, I decided to cram my thick cable bike lock down the drain. Since the piping beneath the bathroom sink shoots straight down (no air trap), I assumed the shower pipe would have the same design. Wrong, there was a frickin’ elbow ten inches down. I kept jamming my cable lock in and out of the pipe. No luck. Next, I tried my wire/cable clothing line. Too flexible. Third up? Acid. I poured straight vinegar down the drain. I know, I could have just gone searching for Drano, but frankly, I didn’t know whether the supermarket would even have that stuff. Plus, vinegar was within reach. Well, that didn’t work either. After suffering from a few more days of shrively feet, I called the maintenance dude today. He ran the water, put my toilet sucker over the drain, gave it a few hard pumps, and bam. Just. Like. That. Unclogged. Je-sus, I am a total dumbass. Why the hell didn’t I think of that? WHY?

In other news, Joon celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday. A group of twelve chowed down at Oriental, an MTV (Myramar, Thai, Vietnamese) place. Pretty tasty. Afterwards, a handful of us went to his place where we talked about treacherous beasts (anacondas, the Loch Ness monster, aliens) and the incredible intelligence of other people (aliens, possibly?), specifically, those responsible for the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, crop circles, etc. Yeah, so in conclusion, I’m a dumbo…

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