Now is one of the best times of the year to be in Shanghai. The weather, when it’s good, is really good: plenty of sunshine with a nice, easy breeze. The only bad thing about warmer weather here is mosquitoes. Such loathsome creatures! Thankfully, I have erected a net-tent over the bed. I must say, the net is actually pretty kick-ass; it even has a mini plastic ceiling fan for the extra hot summer nights (hot temperatures… must I stipulate this?!).

So the first evening I pitched the tent, I went to bed feeling totally safe and secure. Then, in the middle of the night, my arm began itching. Soon after, I heard, “bzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzz” around my ears. Fuck! I popped up, unzipped the tent, crawled out, turned on the light, and began the hunt. I can never rest until the mosquito is captured and killed. Sure enough, there it was on the INSIDE of my fucking security barrier. INSIDE!! Whap! Killed the sucker and in my palms, the blood she had stolen from me. Goddamnit bitch! Already, my arm was scratched raw. After that, I couldn’t fall back asleep. It was 3 am.

I swear, someone needs to make an alarm clock that buzzes like a mosquito. Screw the annoying beeping models. The insect buzz would be so much more effective than a little meep meep. Oh well. The lesson learned is that you really have to keep the net zipped at all times. Yesterday, one little corner flap was open during the day and sure enough, just as my head sank into the pillow, no more than five seconds later, I was up with all the lights on, hunting for the killer. I do love my net. I’m taking it back with me to the States in July. For sure (even though John claims San Mateo doesn’t have mosquitoes… whatever!).

IMG_2416-2006.05.27-05.26.48Note the cute lil’ ceiling fan. And yes, I have my laptop inside the tent (like a true internet junkie).

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