And So the Exodus Begins…

And So the Exodus Begins…

I met up with my LifeLine crew this evening. Tegan, the former program manager (and a kickass one at that), is headed back to Australia. At the end of two and a half years, her partner’s construction management gig is done. They’re taking off 3-6 months (depending on who you ask) to travel the Outback. Got a tricked out SUV, complete with a refrigerator that runs off power from the engine. They’re rock climbers, so they plan to camp and climb all over. She said their suitcases for the flight out on Monday are packed to the brim with climbing equipment. So. Hard. Core. I mean, yeah I guess they’re putting a twist on the whole camping experience (with the refrigerator and all), but still. Six months in a tent? Even if they cheat a few nights and sleep in the SUV, that’s still NOT a bed!

So we had a very nice sushi/sashimi buffet at Hatsuhana in Gubei. Aaah, you can’t beat the smooth tingle of hot saki. I’m typically not a fan of alcohol and up until 2003, I almost never drank. Then, I discovered Bloody Marys. Man, how I craved that peppery tomato zing. Unfortunately, John’s friend made the mistake of telling us the sodium content, and just like that I was off the bandwagon. White wine is tasty too, but really, saki does the trick. It’s so deceptively dainty with the vase-like carafe and the tiny ceramic cups: you feel like you’re drinking tea.

ANYway, back to Tegan. It’s a shame to see her go but then again, you can’t feel too sad about it– she is going to be traveling around Australia with her lovey… so romantic. Sigh! June and July are busy months: three others will head out the next few weeks and then I’m out in mid July. Begin the farewell preparations, y’all!

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