Bee-stung Eyes

Bee-stung Eyes

So about a week into my Stateside vacay, I finally figured out what was keeping me down. At first I thought it was just general laziness or jetlag or moodiness issues. All of those certainly could have contributed to my overall discomfort, but the main problem was allergies. Turns out, I had picked the perfect time of year for the Bay area. Trees, flowers, grasses– they were simultanously pumping out the pollen, and according to the Chinese radio station, this year was especially bad due to the unseasonably wet period last month. No wonder my eyes were constantly irritated, and I was having sneezing attacks (like ten sneezes at a time). I know, I really should have put two and two together sooner…

I decided to head back to the acupuncturist. Usually, results take a few sessions; this gave my dad (the western med advocate) and John more reasons to call acupuncture a scam. Maybe, but I did acupuncture for allergies last year and thought the treatment was really effective. Before that, I had tried the pills, but they only worked to a point. The ENT doctor said Nasonex was the only thing for me, but being someone already prone to nose bleeds, I wanted other options.

I’ll admit relief from allergies seemed a little harder won this year than last. The other day, I was in the middle of a full-on attack when I entered Dr. Lin’s office for session 4. My eyes were red and watery, the eyelids swollen (Think Benicio del Toro, aka Mr. Bee-stung Eyes), the nose enlarged… I was a damn mess, and a total zombie. I suppose Dr. Lin realized I was really desperate, because she jabbed me with many more needles than usual, like five on my nose alone plus a ton around my sinus pressure points and on my hand and legs. Despite being very fine gage, those needle can really pack a punch when piercing through. But it worked! I felt ten times better the next day. Dr. Lin also gave me herbal tablets… I think the conclusion is clear: acupuncture works for allergies.


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