Martin Eats Carrots

Martin Eats Carrots

John says it’s just another indication of how much I deprive my pups, but yes, Martin eats carrots– raw. He didn’t always eat veggies. In fact, it was only after I read a dog nutrition book advising that dogs get some fresh veggies that I started incorporating leafy greens, carrots, peas, and the like into their kibble. In the beginning, they never ate that stuff plain. It had to be coated with soup or gravy or oil. They spat out the uncovered bits. Then I started giving them pureed or chopped veggies, remnants from my juicing adventures. I was pleased to discover that once I mixed this slop into the kibble, both dogs were too damn lazy to pick it out. Haha, I’m tricksies. Either way, Martin still doesn’t crunch his food. I swear it’s a miracle the kibble doesn’t come out whole in his stool. I never hear him crunching; I just hear the soft Lab lips slopping around and within a few minutes, the bowl is empty again.

Now that we’re back in the States, there’s plenty of food selection for the dogs. Jesus Christ. How many different kinds of dog kibble can there possibly be? John’s work is right next door to a Pet Club, and yesterday I was in that store for about an hour looking at just dry dog food. We have them back on Wellness, except now they eat the senior formula (sniff, sniff). My friend recommended Nutro, but there’s Nutro Max and Nutro Natural Choice. What’s the difference between these two lines of the same brand? No frickin’ clue. I tried to research it on the Nutro website. One says for max performance. The other touts shiny coat and healthy skin. Must I pick one or the other? Why my dilemma? Well, you know me. I’m a cheapie, and well, Pet Club offers coupons for Nutro but not Wellness… and the price difference is significant. I know, I have too much damn time on my hands, debating dog food! I warned you that I have OCD! Anyway, in the end, I decided to stick with Wellness. The dogs seem to like it and well, brand loyalty can’t be a bad thing. (After all, Toyota has never failed me.) So for now, that’s what we’ll do… at least until Pet Club publishes their next coupon flyer.

In other news, I’ve been relaxing, chilling at home mostly. Our apartment complex has an outdoor heated pool PLUS a hot tub. Of course since I have self-image issues, I only go when absolutely no one is around. That translates to only three trips so far. I found myself a nice one-piece at Target and did my little aerobic exercises in the pool. I also tried the community gym. It’s certainly no Physical. I miss my elliptical at the gym in Shanghai. Here I have to lower my standards to StairMaster. Ugh. Aren’t I the fitness snob now?

Meanwhile, Mandarin studying is not happening. I aced my midterms, but shit, that was eons ago. Surely, my brain has reformatted and wiped everything by now. Yeah, old age really sucks. No retention I tell you. Ok well the pups are harassing me for their evening walk. Btw, take note: in Shanghai, it costs 2000 RMB (~240 USD) to license a dog. Here? $12. No wonder so many people in Shanghai don’t register… duh!

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  1. Nutro Natural Choice, which I think is the ‘lowest’ of the Nutro range is sufficient. Because I went through the ingredients list and there is no big difference between the higher ranges… some still use corn meal or corn gluten in them. You can get ‘better’ corn-less food within the Natural Choice range. I use lamb n rice cuz its less irritating for the skin. Especially in this humid, easy fungal problem weather. We miss Rems and Marts!

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