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Procrastination Central

So last week, I had a break from school… The university organized some field trips to various cities in China. Thank god, I didn’t go. Ugh. My classmates already annoy the hell out of me for the mere three hours of class; I can’t even imagine being stuck on a bus or in a hotel with them too.

So this past week was supposed to be my time to get ahead with class and ALSO prepare for my midterms slated for the last week of April. Yeah, studying definitely didn’t happen. I was too preoccupied with my Game Night. Since moving here, I’ve always wanted to host game board parties. It’s actually rather uncharacteristic of anti-socials like John and me (Game Night did take two years to materialize), but now that I’m living it up Sex in the City style over here, I gotta get my Taboo and Cranium fix. It’s rather silly: I was just going to go low-key: games, pizza, and drinks. Well, in true fashion, I stressed out all frickin’ week, worrying about getting the apartment in order. Not like people really care, but I’ve been to other people’s homes and man, they really know how to put on a party. Everything just has that polished, put-together look. It’s all in the details, I tell you. Needless to say, I just wanted it to go well.

I had a pretty decent turnout. Although several people neglected to RSVP (don’t do it again!) and a few backed out last minute, all in all, I was happy with the outcome. We had just about enough seating for everyone, and it was games galore! Taboo and Cranium til midnight; Scrabble til 3 a.m. for the hardcore boardgamers. Yesterday was my first time playing Scrabble. The jury’s still out on that one. I think it’s a little too brainy for me.

So the party’s over and now I have no excuses NOT to study. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with a shitload of fruit and veggies (I had planned on juicing, but that ended up sounding a bit too healthy for a party). Guess this week will be detox for me.

Easter Sunday and I’m starting the week off right. Thankfully, I didn’t sleep in; I’m up and running. Did some cleaning, had a couple glasses of fresh juice. It’s almost noon now, and I’m squeezing in an entry before I crack open the books. Ok, I’d better get cramming for that quiz tomorrow.

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  1. happy easter! i don’t know about easter or the bordgames,but ican feel you have had a wonderful time. and it’s wise of u to cancel the field trips coz such things such as stampeding to tour r always so boring.i have had joined many trips organised by school and what i stressed out for was that when to board,when to dine and when to gather. no control and flexibility at all.good luck with your exams!

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