Doin’ the School Thang

Doin’ the School Thang

I have to say, in spite of my earlier apprehensions, I’m quite enjoying the school thing. There’s just something about routine that my body loves and craves. Even if I don’t sleep well some days (and drag my feet at 50% efficiency), in the end I still feel like a day with routine is more productive than a day without. I suppose cutting back on sleep really adds some hours to my disposal.

It’s really unusual for me too, being part of the morning commute. All of the sudden, I’m noticing familiar faces: this prep cook (he wears a chef hat) lugs an empty dolly to the campus cafeteria at 8:25 a.m. every morning. I hear the cart rattling down the street just as I pull up to class. After class lets out around noon, on my way home, I always see these two young college gals, biking side by side on matching folding bikes. Their bikes are cutie pastel colors with baby blue mini-baskets on the handlebars. Oh Clownie, how I miss thee! If only I still had you, then I too could be one of those cute, young women. Oh Clownie, you almost elevated me to Kellie Taylor status. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. Well, I almost believed I could MAYBE pull off driving a VW Cabriolet or Cooper Mini. Guess I lost Clownie for a reason: I’m definitely not worthy.

So back to talking about school. Yeah, I’m enjoying it still; however, I must admit my classmates are a little irksome. I don’t know what it is, but people have been getting on my last nerve. Take, for example, this couple in my class. They’re southeast Asian or something, not that it matters. So the guy is clearly in the wrong level. He doesn’t know what’s going on, and he can’t follow at all. The gal, she sits next to him: they share a book and hold hands, blah, blah. She seems more up to speed, but he’s definitely lost. Rather than move to his proper level, he stays in the class. Then, during the lesson, they basically hold their own lil’ private tutoring session (hand holding included) where the gal schools the guy… all while the teacher is talking! What the fuck? And they always sit near me! I get so annoyed, but what can I do? I can’t exactly disrupt their tender, loving Felicity study-buddy moment.

So last week, the guy didn’t show for class. The gal came in late. Just my luck, she sat next to me and asked to share my book. No problem. I’ve learned from watching Remy and Martin; sharing is a good thing. A few minutes later (let’s just call her Sonia), Sonia started text messaging the guy (I assume he was the recipient). After a few minutes of no reply, she turned to me and asked to borrow my phone: her had battery died. Fine, whatever. Take it and leave me the fuck alone; I’m in class, goddamnit. So what happened? While sitting next to me IN CLASS, she proceeded to call using my phone. Uh hello, have you ever heard of taking it outside? And the dude had that stupid “music while you wait” feature. Since she was using my phone, the volume was maxed out (I’m frickin’ deaf, ok?). Ugh. I was so pissed. I was trying to listen to the teacher, but instead all I heard was that sappy pop song (the one where the singer is some concert pianist and his girlfriend is in the hospital with some terminal illness… haven’t you seen the video?). Another classmate heard the music and was like, “Someone’s cell phone is going off…” I couldn’t believe I was an accomplice to this inconsiderate dodo bird. Jesus. No wonder I want nothing to do with my classmates. From now on, school is strictly business, man.

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  1. hi,i like your blog. i am a teacher. i am a 33-year-old male teacher. i live in fengxian district. i teach english. but my listening ability is very very bad. i cant understand if i listen to english especially a native english speaker. in class, i teach the students read, write, memorize words or play english recording, sometimes even i cant understand. we spend most time in analyzing grammar in chinese. that’s how we teach. i think most teachers are the the same because we all turn around the exams which is grammar-oriented. so after nearly 20 years’ learning and nearly12 years’ teaching, i find myself totally lost in listening conprihencion. i think its a shame though most teachers dont care because they think their english is enough to deal with these teenagers. but i dont think so. i have tried many ways ,but all failed because i still don’t understand when i listen. That’s to say i cant enjoy what you natives can enjoy when it comes to radios, movies or making native friends .i come across your blog and find your english is very good though there are many words i don’t understand. but i can look up dictionaries. why i turn to u for help because your blog is very interesting though we belong to different genders .and there are so few foreiners in fengxian. why i want to improve my english is that i want to apply for weekends teaching in some training center, then i can make extra money to pay some of my 20-y mortgage loan. u know buying a 120-square- meter apartment even in suburb needs me to struggle for all my life. i know it sounds ridiculous to u because it sounds like nothing to do with above mentioned. but still i do think you could help me only if u would like to spare a little time to contact me, then my english i believe will be improved little by little. i know what i expect of u on this sounds too muchfor u, but i will try my best to leave some comments here since this is a comment column after all. i don’t know what u r learning in this entry. and i think u shoudent show mercy to those two classmates because they r not good students in class, but i still hope u forgive me if there is some impolite thing. hehe

  2. Have you ever been to fengxian? We have fresh air, developed road network,beatiful man-made beach and hopitable locals.It’s a paradise for biking group.I know from your blog you take biking as a decent sport in downtown.But here in Fengxian,you are asured of another kick. The drawback is that the Huangpu River poses an unmountable barrier to some though. But just imagine the enjoymeant from biking all the way to very southern beach where hunky-dory seafood street,5-star hotel,country club can relieve your heathy fatigue.Besides ,The gov-sat Nanqiao is also a glamous town worthy of a look.Don’t mistake me as a guy working for the gov.I am only an ordinary teacher.

  3. r u better now? they say it helps ease insomania putting fresh ginger slices beside your pillow on a daily basis for a week. i suppose it kind of works by smelling through your sleep.since it’s easy and u might well give it a go.idon’t know what kind of school it is.r u studing chinese or else? if u pay for the school,then u have full right to not being disturbed in class,right? clearly, the teacher shouldn’t turn a blind eye while the students don’t keep the displine if there is. the dodo bird shows no repect for u or everyone in the class and u’d better stay away with her.then i find you blog is simply a magnetic stone-attracting me so closely and powfully.i can’t imagine what my life would be like without your blog.don’t laugh for i’m not exagerating.though consulating dictionaries is so much work ,i still have a great kick .thank u ,goodbers.keep the great job. here is some translation for your reference:So what happened?然后呢? While sitting next to me IN CLASS, she proceeded to call using my phone. 就在课堂上,坐在我旁边,她用我的手机继续打电话Uh hello, have you ever heard of taking it outside? 嘿,有没有搞错,没听说过要拿到外面打吗?And the dude had that stupid “music while you wait” feature.而老兄那边又是“彩玲彩玲就是不睬您”一套,傻吧? hope u enjoy it and i can’t wait to see your next post!

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