Explosive Behavior

Explosive Behavior

Sorry about all the doom and gloom earlier. I know my cussing has really kicked up a notch too lately… those of you who know me probably haven’t even flinched but for the others, sorry if it offends you. I offer no guarantees that my outbursts will subside, so well, I guess you’re free to move onto cleaner pastures.

Man, today is my first day feeling quasi-normal. I’d nearly forgotten what it was like to NOT have a chronic headache and overall physical discomfort.

This morning started out early. Had psycho dreams again and woke up at like 5:30. By 6, I started worrying again about the damn plane tickets for uh yeah, the day after tomorrow. Sorry, but I’m a control freak so when I’m up to the wire like this, I’m not at my best. John had an important meeting at 7, so he was up at 6 preparing (possible foreshawdowing for his days to come…) for some business presentation. I crammed a few extra bits of sleep and then got up to start my day. Standing in front of the mirror, I felt my tummy gurgle; naturally, a small passage of gas was in order. Pbbbbt! No big deal, right? Next thing I knew, something warm was dripping down my leg! You are fucking kidding me! I ran to the bathroom, and goddamnit, it was like diaper slop. Not cool, man. And certainly not part of starting the day off right! Ahh, but who’s complaining? Today I’m actually ambulatory.

Well I guess things are looking up. It’s just before noon, and I’ve managed to call a bunch of travel places and book a ticket for Friday. Thank goodness! Elong is going to deliver, I’ll pay with visa, and we’re good to go. IBM contacted me this morning as well. Remember that glamorous voice work they wanted me to do for Disney? Well, Disney ended up shelving the audio component of their project. Since then I’ve been hit up by AT&T. That’s right. Move over James Earl Jones. There are bigger fish in the sea now… Haha. Usually, I’m supposed to head 90 minutes out of town to record my parts in the IBM “recording studio,” but today I only had a pagelong script, so the PM actually suggested I try recording from home. I think he felt sorry for me too, because he happened to call me when I was on my deathbed the other day. Anyway, I was totally skeptical about this home recording stuff. After all, been there, done that. Last year, I recorded shitloads of audio at home and in the end, all of it was scrapped due to poor sound quality. I wasted hours and hours of my life. Today, my first clips had this annoying clicking noise in the background. You couldn’t hear it normally, but on playback, it was unavoidable. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I decided to try turning off a powerstrip in our bedroom. What do you know, that actually solved it. The clicking noise disappeared. Thank god, because I wasn’t about to carry my erupting ass all the way out to Wai Gao Qiao just to record like 30 minutes of audio.

I skipped class this morning, but I plan on heading over in the afternoon. Gotta get back in the saddle and make up for lost time.

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