The 400 RMB Lunch

The 400 RMB Lunch

For fuck’s sakes, my bike got stolen again! Yes, my cute lil’ 2-week-old Bodyline folding bike :(. I am so pissed, man. What is up with this repeated bad luck? It’s that damn stretch on Tian Yao Qiao Road, south of Nandan Road. Don’t be fooled by it’s prime location next to nice shops in downtown Xujiahui. There’s something going on there. Some gang activity… SOMEthing seriously fishy. I think the street sweepers or construction workers are in on it because when I left my bike today, there was a laborer hammering bricks on the sidewalk. When I came out, bike was gone. The dude was nowhere to be found. And laborers here don’t take breaks. Their supervisors work ’em to the bone. Ok so maybe now I’m getting a bit paranoid. I know, I probably shouldn’t start randomly accusing people…

Still. Something is not right. John and I were at the same exact place where John’s bike got lifted. In his case, we had attributed his bike theft to it simply being evening. We had locked his bike and gone into a restaurant for dinner. When we came out a couple hours later, Merida was gone.

Today though, it was noon time. Broad daylight. And I locked my bike to the frickin’ railing! Ate lunch at the same restaurant (a Taiwanese joint), came out, and the damn thing was gone. I know, it’s not like the bike cost me hundreds of dollars, but still. I mean, I use the thing everyday and to not be able to continue using it, I’m peeved as hell. Like today, I had class this afternoon and clownie’s disappearance put me in the foulest mood. So much for getting to class in 10 minutes, you know? So much for riding with Bubs around town, exploring Shanghai in the spring.

John was sweet enough to give me his bike to ride to school this afternoon. Guess I’ll be riding that from now on. It’s a little on the big side, but better than nothing. I don’t think I’ll be replacing the folding bike. Was fun while it lasted.

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