Back on the Bike

Back on the Bike

Furby is still out of commission, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Following several days of research, I finally dropped the dough on a folding bike: the Bodyline F9 to be exact. I figure this is something I can eventually ship back to the States, so the item has some longevity. But mainly, I’m just thrilled my days of walking are over. Haha, back to cruising around; everything is just a few minutes’ ride away.

School starts tomorrow. Last Monday, I was on campus for registration and all. I took my placement exams, and I’m in Level 4 of 10. Based on my level, the tester thinks I know about 1000 characters. The minimum required for literacy is 2700 characters (which mix and match to form 8000 words). Obviously, I still have a long way to go. Gotta make big strides this semester.

Oh and guess how many textbooks are required for my class? EIGHT! Isn’t that insane? So many– four for listening, two for reading, two for vocab and grammar. I’m getting nervous just thinking about all this learning.

So class begins at 8:30 AM sharp. I gotta get to bed! Well, at least I’ll have the bike to facilitate my timely arrival in the morning. Ha, need you even ask? Of course I’ll be in the front row. I told you before: this is no games. I’m going into full-blown dork mode!


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