Two Months Later

Two Months Later

I have to say, this New Year is not starting off well. Seriously, it’s been one thing after another, dealing with assholes left and right. Really makes me question my desires to help people through nonprofit work. Maybe John’s right: most humans are bad, not good. First, it was the AAF letdown. Then it was the roadside ingrates who scrammed and let me get chewed out by the cabbie/murderer. Then my friend added insult to injury (emotional) by siding with the said cabbie. Today, it’s Ebay again. Ebay, why do you make it so difficult for me to love you? Why do you keep sending me psychos? This morning, I received the following email message from Kindra: “I would appreciate it if you would remove the feed back that you left for me. THE DISPUTE PENDING COMMENT. I am an excellent ebayer and that just does not look good for a comment. You got paid and I got my item. Sounds like a good transaction to me.” I mentioned this beotch before. To refresh your memory, she won my bid at the end of October. The day after the auction closed, she had buyer’s remorse and asked to “mutually agree to cancel” the auction. First of all, who the hell has ever even heard of this procedure? Only someone who manipulates the system often enough to know the ins and outs. Being the gullible person that I am, I actually came very close to canceling the bid. Ok, maybe she just got confused and made a mistake. No big deal, right? Then, I checked her earlier feedback. Four other neg/neutrals where she either had buyer’s remorse (and didn’t pay even though the other party did NOT agree to cancel the sale) or they “mutually agreed to cancel.” Suspicious. Sketchy. So I rejected her request. Then, no reply from her for 8 days, so I filed a dispute with Ebay. Meanwhile, I left negative feedback saying that a dispute was pending and she had a history of not paying. All true.

She eventually paid, and then I received angry emails from her, claiming that my feedback was premature, that I should have waited for the transaction to complete. What, now she’s the feedback authority? Does she know what feedback is? It’s MY opinion and MY impression of the experience. Duh. Ugh, I swear. People like her are so demented. So now, two and a half months later, she emails me again. As you read, she’s adamant about being an “excellent ebayer.” I just can’t believe she wants me to withdraw my feedback. Who the hell even knew this was possible? I thought feedback was permanent. Nope, apparently you can also “mutually agree to withdraw” comments. Alright Ebay, enough with the “mutually agree” bullshit.

Kindra also left me neutral feedback alleging that I didn’t follow Ebay protocol. What the hell? I know, I have to maintain composure and develop a thicker skin, but AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay, I responded to her feedback and tried my best to stick to the facts. She had buyer’s remorse and paid only after I disputed. I also clarified my “dispute pending” comment (which thoroughly bugged her) with a follow-up: “Pd only after I disputed and wants me to remove neg feedbk?” Ok, so the second part is maybe a bit inflammatory, but seriously, she has the nerve to ask me to remove my comment??!! Did you know you only get 80 characters for feedback? It’s so damn limiting. Then again, I suppose it’s a necessary constraint; otherwise, as you can see from my blog, I’d write a book.

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