Jumps the Shark?

Jumps the Shark?

This week, John and I were like anxious little kids waiting up for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. You see, Dec 20 was the season finale of Nip/Tuck, our latest show of the moment. Yes, I bitched earlier about the first episode of season 3 being totally off the wall, sexualizing Christian’s rape re-enactment… Somehow though, I got sucked in again. John says it’s because of the pretty people. Guess he’s right. So we were on the edges of our seats yesterday afternoon, waiting to get ahold of the episode. As usual, our Tivo/MythTV setup failed us again at this very critical time. Since the finale was a two-hour show, the second half conflicted with Dirty Jobs. The damn recorder, with its frickin’ artificial intelligence, decided it was “optimal” to record Dirty Jobs and then catch the re-run of Nip/Tuck the next day. Argh! Either way, I guess it didn’t much matter as long as I’d find the the long-awaited answer: who’s the goddamn carver?!

So seeing that I wouldn’t be able to watch the episode for the answer, I waited and hit the “refresh” button a billion times on TV.com. Surely, a viewer would post a reaction immediately after the airing, right? Nope. Damn fuckers took their time. At first, John was all up in my face, forbidding me to find the answer. He made all these bullshit arguments about how this show was “our thing,” and how discovering the Carver’s identity before watching the episode would have disastrous consequences for our relationship. Come again? Are you frickin’ kidding me? I love spoilers. I’ve always relied on episode guides. You never cared before, and you’re not about to pull this shit on me now. Plus, knowing what happens doesn’t change anything. I’ll still watch the show; I’ll still become fully engrossed. Happened with Felicity, happened (to a lesser extent) with Dawson’s Creek (I know, shit acting but I couldn’t help myself– I needed the teen angst), happened with the OC. In the latter case, reading the spoilers actually saved me from continuing on to season 2. So hey, spoilers can be a great thing. And John at least credits me for the OC foresight.

Well, it’s now day 2 following the Nip/Tuck finale debacle, and I’m getting a kick out of reading people’s reviews (they’re flooding in). Some people are so idiotic with their blind faith devotion. I mean, every single review of theirs is like, “Best show in the history of tv. Ever.” Ugh, like how old are you? 15? Puhleez. “The history of tv”? Enough with the histrionics. I mean really, you just can’t rank every episode a 10, ok? That’s not how the system works. It’s like asking my friend Nathalie about a movie, any movie. In her view, they’re ALL excellent. I mean, what kind of insight is that? Ah well, in spite of the lame-o reviews, there were some others that amused me. Like this:

…To me it was all a bit rushed and I was actually disappointed with the reveal.

Why — mainly because it didn’t seem to add up for me. Quentin and his sister? Wha? Why did Kit come to investigate and incriminate Christian to begin with. I would think being in the “cop squad” they would have investigated her background when hiring her and it would have been a conflict of interest for her to interrogate him. Lame. Second, what nobody checks to see if Quentin is really dead? They just wheel him to autopsy and she has jurisdiction in that area to release him? Hello — they aren’t going to check where is the body? Lame. Lame.

I don’t buy that Quentin came to Miami to fix C & S faces and then turned out to be the one that did it to them in the first place. Did any body notice but this was hypocritical. “Don’t fix my work” So he joins the staff and fixes his own work? Lame. Lame. Lame.

And now what? They are still running around in the tropics, does this mean we have to see more of them next season? Oh dear lord, let me vomit…

John says I’m totally like the people who review shows. I get all into the discrepancies in the story, and I overanalyze ad nauseum all the characters and their emotions. Hey, that’s what happens when you like to judge people, what can I say? Anyway, yeah the season finale was a huge letdown. But that’s not going to stop us from watching the episodes (once they finally complete the MythTV post-processing).

By the way, one reviewer said the finale “jumps the shark.” What the hell does that mean? My grasp of American culture and slang has always been weak (I blame that on being the daughter of immigrants…), but am I totally losing it? Please, enlighten me.

In other news, John and I are heading off to Tokyo tomorrow. I’m a little apprehensive about being in a place where I have no clue about the language. Guess this will be a good opportunity to experience what John went through when we first moved to China. The flight over is three hours, so that’s when I plan to cram a tiny bit of Japanese. Always doing shit last minute.

Oh, my students invited me out for hotpot last night. We went to a chain located near the Shanghai Stadium. Had a huge dining hall (I imagine to accommodate all the tour buses that pass through). Dinner was fun. My stomach was a little queasy afterwards, but all in all, the meal was a real eye-opener. Apparently, the staff had never gone out for dinner (in this home-style setting) before. So, at first, I was really confused because they had no idea what each other liked to eat. Cow stomach was a big hit yesterday. Luckily, I stuck with the veggies. The venue was kind of strange. During our meal, there were stage performances– a hulla dancer (she had 6 hoops going at once), a juggler, a singer. All of this was then followed by a painting auction, with bidding and all. Was so distracting. On top of that, my students were toasting every few minutes– sometimes the group toast, other times one-on-one. I had no idea what was going on. I’ll have to research the toasting custom. Just hope I didn’t come across as rude. They’re a sweet bunch, and I had a good time. Ok, running out of juice soon on the laptop. Gotta get packing anyway.

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