Entertainment News Roundup

Entertainment News Roundup

Yes, I was a Newlyweds junkie. And now, Nick and Jess are officially over. What a downer. Yes, I know they were Republicans and all into this “support our Commander in Chief” bull, but I couldn’t help myself. There was just something about watching them. Maybe it wasn’t so much Nick and Jessica who captivated me, maybe it was just the opportunity to focus on one relationship in a show. At the opposite extreme, John and I have been on the edges of our seats tuning into season 3 of Nip/Tuck. We’re suckers for that show too, but jesus, it’s so damn frustrating and annoying watching these characters move in and out of relationships, especially amongst the same group of people. It’s so 90210. Despite all this (plus the gratuitous threesome scene I bitched about earlier this season), John and I are dying over here trying to figure out who the carver is. The double feature season finale is Dec 20, but we’re still trying to get ahold of the Dec 13 episode. I am extremely impatient. Pathetically, I’ve already scoured the internet for spoilers. No damn luck. It’s driving me insane. Anyone up to date on what’s happening? I need some serious scoop! Hook me up.

In other e-news, I’m also searching for “Memoirs.” Damn film opened in the States earlier this month. Word on the street is, it’s not coming to China until February– the censors are all worked up over the Chinese woman-Japanese man sex scene. The nationalism can be a bit much over here, especially considering the pain the Chinese have inflicted on their own. Oh well, John and I are just going to see the film in Tokyo, in its full, unedited glory. Hehe, just four days left.

Boy, I am beat. Ran a bunch of errands today, all afternoon in fact. Paid utility bills, paid rent, went to the post office (two actually, because I waited in line at one for so long that I just ended up leaving), went to LifeLine to run computer backups. I know, it’s just a few items on the to-do list. Somehow though, it took hours. And at the post office, some European dude in front of me thought I was trying to butt in line or something. He had stepped to the right to deal with his big package, and I put my mail on the counter just so I wouldn’t have to dig them out of my bag. Look man, I know you’re in line. No problem. Well, I guess seeing that I looked Chinese, he assumed the worst and felt threatened. Next thing I knew, he backed all up in my grill with his monstrous box. Ugh. I was so annoyed. Plus, he didn’t speak a lick of Chinese, and he started getting all huffy with the mail lady. Whatever, man. At least try, with body language, something.

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