Upcoming Travels

Upcoming Travels

I’ve been a mad travel agent these last few days. I tell you, I never thought I’d see the day when those annoying frequent flyer miles would pay off. Finally, I’m getting some action out of those things. My father had a bunch of miles on his NorthWorst account (from back in the day when that was the only airline that connected DC to Taiwan). His account had been inactive for the last four years, but he had tons of points to burn. In just a few clicks, John and I had two free roundtrip tix to Tokyo for the holiday. Awww yeah! See, my OCD organization skills are coming in handy. And I suppose being my parents’ PA has its perks…

Today I booked a weekend trip to Harbin. Still spent like 2 days researching all the options (this is where my OCD cripples me) but in the end, we got to use our China Eastern frequent flyer miles. We had enough points for two one-way tickets, so not too shabby. Yay. Of course, Bubs and I are going to freeze our asses off in -30 C, but hey, I hear the Ice Lantern Festival is really cool, and Russian food should be tasty!

In other travel news, Shanghaiist and the Shanghai Daily reported that an express train line will link Shanghai and Tibet come July. Due to high altitudes (4,000 meter above sea level) for roughtly 960 km of the journey, train cars will be pressurized like airplane cabins. The trip is expected to take 53 hours. John’s already told me this is going on our travel list… maybe August or September though (don’t want to be the guinea pigs). So, who’s on board for that trip?

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