Poor Marty

Poor Marty

I was on poopie patrol again this week. Poor Marty. He had a tough couple of days with his bowels. This morning was the first time since Monday that he pinched out a semi-solid loaf. Oh come on, don’t get squeamish on me. Everyone shits. It’s not a big deal. It’s not like I’m talking about something totally disgusting, like a Cleveland steamer or whatever they’re called… we won’t even go there.

So back to Martin. Obviously, he must have ingested something bad. Actually, I think I consumed the same stuff he did. Meanwhile, Remy and John got off scott-free… lucky bastards. So weird though, because aren’t foods supposed to be less prone to rotting under these freezing cold temps? Plus, I didn’t even consume meat. What the hell? I guess my stomach is still a bit sensitive from the food poisoning two weekends ago.

Marty’s been a good sport though. Despite his discomfort, he works hard to maintain status quo. He still loiters around the dinner table like an overstarved animal. He still jockeys with Bembo for prime positioning on the futon (right in front of the heater). And he’s still a big wuss who allows Remy to harass and abuse him. I watched Remy for clues, thinking maybe Martin had communicated something to her, and she would at least show some empathy or try to help him out. Nope. She continued to fight him for every available scrap, and she showed no compassion or leniency when chasing after him outside and when nipping him under the front legs. Didn’t Marts tell her he was feeling sick? Didn’t he tell her to fuck off? I’m definitely turning into a dog nut. See how much time I spend observing and monitoring them? And they still sleep most of the day! This morning, I was wondering: Do dogs from different areas of the world communicate using different “dog languages.” Someone I know suggested there are cultural differences in dogs. She insisted that every dog raised in the US LOVES peanut butter. However, every dog she’s encountered in China shows very little interest in PB. Weird, huh? Yeah, I’m not sure about that either, but it’s something to think about (when you have no life)…

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