Can’t Fight this Feeling

Can’t Fight this Feeling

Well John and I are back in California: San Mateo area. Flew in yesterday on Air China– our first experience with the “official airline of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.” Usually, leaving out of Pudong is quick and easy: we typically process through and arrive at the gate in 30 minutes. Yesterday, however, was different. We waited an eternity to check our bags. Our flight was full of American tourists and my god, I listened to 90 minutes of nonstop bitching while standing in line. “Maybe our guy is a newbie.” “They should just have a single queue.” “That line is moving so much faster.” Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we all know waiting sucks, but shut the hell up already! Plus shouldn’t these people be used to it by now, with the TSA and it’s bullshit “airport security”? I mean at Dulles you have to strip off your shoes, belts, watches, earrings… these Americans oughta know pre-flight processing takes 3 hours!

Anyway, San Mateo welcomed us with glorious weather: blue skies, a cool breeze, and plenty of sunshine. Unfortunately, John caught the flu. I think he got it our last few days in Shanghai when the weather abruptly turned chilly. So, he’s been hurtlocker the last 24 hours, and I haven’t been feeling so hot myself.

Part of the problem could be my diet. Here’s a rundown of the last 24 hours. At this rate, I will be 20 lbs heavier in three weeks, easy:
* Red Robin turkey burger (pretty gross)
* plateful of french fries
* 1.5 glasses of Minute Maid lemonade
* 5 chocolate frosting cupcakes (mediocre flavor at best, but I just can’t resist the moist cake texture!)
* a bag of Smartfood cheddar popcorn (somehow the brandname makes me think “healthy”; I know, I’m an idiot)
* strawberries (hey, some fruit!)
* sourdough bread
* homemade chicken soup (a JUNIOR whole chicken here weighs 6 lbs!! Can’t imagine the size of a senior!)
* water
* orange juice (the acid in this stuff counters all the grease and fat I’ve injested, right?)

Yes, I admit. I’ve been on a total bingefest. And no end is in sight: John bought that scoopable Toll House cookie dough, so chocolate chip cookies are slated for later this week. Ah well, sometimes you just have to pack it in. Can’t fight it. I just hope all this healthful eating helps me fight off John’s flu. And hopefully John will also break out of his sickness. Poor thing: he’s gotta go to work tomorrow (ugh, Monday already). Plus, I know he’s itching to hit the Apple store. Says he’s upgrading the iPod. Guess I’ll have something else to offload on Ebay.

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