Dream Job

Dream Job

Hey all, I’ve got some fantastic news. These last several months, I’ve been in touch with Animals Asia Foundation, a super cool org doing animal protection and community education in Asia (including lots in China). Among their many great efforts, they operate Dr. Dog and Professor Paws– programs that demonstrate the benefits of companion animals. The former project involves therapy dogs visiting people in orphanages, eldery centers, hospitals, and hospitals. They just hang out and make peeps smile. In the latter project, dogs visit primary school kids to teach them about responsible pet care and dog safety. All of this is part of a broader campaign to promote dogs as pets (rather than food). It’s quite clever and the programs have really taken off in HK and Chengdu. Now, they’re bringing it to Shanghai. The details are still in the works, but I’ve been offered the chief coordinator position for the Shanghai office. I am so stoked; I feel like this is finally an opportunity to mesh my love for dogs, my passion for NGO work, and my desire to further my Mandarin.

Now for the bad news: totally unrelated to AAF but still relevant to my life and happenings (ok, maybe not my life per se, but at least to my interest in gossip). Jude Law. What the fuck? The guy is such scum. Sounds like a frickin’ nympho, but shit, ain’t getting any sympathy from me. I mean, honestly, a history with wife swapping and then divorcing his wife right after she’s given birth to his third kid (and suffered through post partum depression–let’s not even talk about the fist-pumping, conceited, psycho drama king Mr. TC)? Grow up Jude. Just because you played Alfie on screen doesn’t mean you gotta be him in real life. Hope you end up old, shriveled, and alone. Ugh. Obviously, I’m disgusted and annoyed. I don’t know why I get so pissed off about these things. Admittedly, I had a similar reaction with Mr. Beck-man. Not that I was fond about any part of the Beckham empire. Still. It’s the thought process (or absence thereof) that bugs the shit out of me. As if 1) this kind of inconsiderate asshole behavior is ok 2) they could get away and not suffer the consequences 3) some ridiculous, feigned public apology is all that’s necessary to gain forgiveness. Fuck off, man. I mean, at least the good news is that Sienna Miller now has the sense knocked into her. A tough lesson to learn at the young, impressionable age of 23 but a critical one all the same. Poor gal. She was going all full force too, spending time with his kids in anticipation of step-motherhood. Ditch the sandbags, man.

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  1. This is fantastic news about your new job! All your hard work w/Starpups is paying off. Many congratulations. Please keep us posted on the process. Also – total agreement re: Jude Law. Similar thoughts re: T Cruise? Thinking he’s the shit and all?

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