English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

Since moving here in December 2003, John and I have definitely noticed a regression in our English skills. Oral, written, reading… all of the above. The most blatant example, beyond the increased stammering and oral inarticulation, has to be my coining of a new word (during my business English class, of all places): dynamicism, as in the noun form of dynamic. Yes, it occured to me the next day on the metro that the noun form was dynamism, but what good was the realization. The damage had already been done. Ah well, the joys of admitting wrong. That’s the lesson for next class.

John’s a victim of language regression too. The other day we went to a new restaurant called Fish & Co. For some reason, he kept insisting the place was Japanese or Japanese-run. Strangely though, the fish and chips, lard-drenched fries, and real ketchup seemed more reminiscent of western fare. Something was amiss. Then, we saw the neon sign: Fish & Co., seafood in a pan. Apparently, he misread it as “seafood in japan.” Even on re-reading the menu, he thought it was Japan! Guess you had to be there.


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