I’m Chubby

I’m Chubby

I taught this evening at SABIC– my first class since getting back to Shanghai. Was good. I delivered a presentation to demonstrate organization and the use of signpost language. Public speaking still makes me pretty nervous, so I practiced a lot. Poor John practically memorized my talk himself, having heard it so many damn times.

So class went okay. My students are the best. They’re really relaxed and low-key. Of course, every time see them, my student Lydia comments about how much weight I’ve lost. She’s the only one who’s said this. I don’t really remember how much I weighed when I first arrived in China. My guess is that I’ve maybe lost five pounds, because my clothes seem to fit a little better. Then again, after so many people commented about how I dressed like a slob, I’ve also taken more steps to look a bit more professional. I’ve realized that I was wearing my clothes too baggy, actually. So maybe since I’m wearing stuff that’s more fitted, I look skinnier. I don’t know. I don’t really have body issues, so it’s okay, but I do kinda chuckle when Lydia says I used to be chubby. I am a size L here. Oh well, what can you do. I grew up with hormones in my foods and milk. Shrug.

I spent two days this week making travel arrangements for our next trip. We’re going to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) for a few days. Actually flying there. I got so pissed off dealing with unhelpful train ticket operators that I ended up hanging up on them and opting for flights. I really have no idea how non-speakers get this shit done. I guess they just use agents who charge pricy commission. Either that or they have thicker skin than I do. I’m a lazy ass: I’m not looking forward to climbing another frickin’ mountain, but I guess it’s good for me. I’m excited about the scenery anyway. Will take lots of pictures.

Okay, time for bed. Gotta run for cover from the quitos. The blood suckers are out again and the ones in China are super-critters. I don’t think normal mosquitos are supposed to make it up this high, but they’re here alright. Lucky for me, these ones aren’t too interested in my common Chinese blood. They go for the premium stuff: John’s white ass. Hehe.

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