Family Frenzy

Family Frenzy

John and I returned to town on Sunday. My parents and grandparents had just concluded their 15-day tour around China, so when we arrived at our apartment, everyone was already there waiting for us. Perfect timing, eh? Just what we needed after our 13-hour flight. Oh well. Surprisingly, the family visit has gone on quite smoothly. Of course Bubbey is an excellent mediator/buffer. And well, I should give myself a pat on the back for completing Chinese Americans and their Immigrant Parents in record time. In a way, it’s comforting to know my parents aren’t the only ones with beliefs contrasting strongly with mine– all Chinese parents I suppose have these bizarre warped views on family ties, on “legitimate” professions/careers, on marriage, and so on. Still, the book was disappointing because I thought it’d give me some options on how to cope. After all, it was written by a Chinese-American psychologist… No such luck. But, as I said, we are getting along fine. For the most part, they are just recovering from their whirlwind tour: Mom got sick with a cold and Noorie’s feet got swollen and sore. Dad and Yebbie are still full of energy and stamina, but they’re pretty flexible. Yebbie still walks all over the place exploring new food stalls and bath houses (he’s addicted to massage), and dad gets sucked into watching stocks online or watching Chinese soaps/movies. I think they’re having fun.

I’m really glad I bought an air mattress when I was just in CA last month. It’s proved quite handy in housing 6 peeps in a 2 BR apartment. Chinese fams love the tight quarters, man. Okay well it’s Sunday night at 9pm now, and I’m going to bed. Seem a bit early to you? You try sleeping with my grandpa’s wall-shaking snoring all night long. Yup. And then lil’ Noor wakes up and starts clattering pots in the kitchen around 6. Poor us, I know. I can hear you playing the violin for us. 🙂

By the way, on our return to SH, I’ve noticed some buggy website shit going on again. Looks like the higher ups are testing out new censor filters or something. Sucks. If I have to move goodbers one more damn time… stay tuned.

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