Acupuncture is Working!

Acupuncture is Working!

I’ve only had two treatments, but I swear this shit is working. John and I had such a packed weekend, and it was wonderful: we were more active than we’ve been in weeks. On Saturday, I volunteered at a doggie charity event to raise funds for the Milo Foundation, a no-kill rescue shelter in the area. I actually heard about it from Robert Yau, the CEO of, an online dating service for pet lovers. Robert emailed me a few weeks ago after he saw a posting about my StarPups*Shanghai website. Anyway, he was supercool, and I was so happy to be in the company of dogs. My buddy Josh volunteered with me; we had a good time.

Later that afternoon, John and I toured around the city and checked out various districts. After a while, many of the neighborhoods started looking the same… I guess the larger question for us is whether we want to live in the city or the burbs. I still prefer to live overseas, but…

No doubt about it, this area is beautiful. The water, the mountains, the sunshine, the natural parks… what’s not to love? Anyway, you’ll see from the pictures, the weather this weekend was awesome.

On Sunday, we drove down to Santa Cruz. Checked out the Boardwalk (fortunately, it wasn’t as trashy as the ones in Ocean City, MD and Atlantic City, Jersey). Walked along the water. Ate fried Twinkies (yeah, I actually enjoyed them). Was a good time.

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