Phone Manners

Phone Manners

What the hell is wrong with people these days? Allow me to rephrase: what the hell is wrong with my “friends” these days? I am so annoyed. Okay, a brief history: after I moved to Shanghai, everyone stopped calling (except the ‘rents). God forbid my Duke-educated and other brainiac buds learn how to make an international phone call, right? Or what, is 5 cents/minute using an international phone card too expensive or too much of a hassle? What the fuck is the problem? Well whatever the obstacle, I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. Plus, I was so busy getting settled in another country, I didn’t mind much. Fast foward 18 months.

I’m back in the US on one of many three-week long stints. Recently, I got this Vonage phone which basically hooks me up to a US number using Voice over IP technology. While I’m in the US, it’s not anything novel. People can just call a CA area code number and get to my hotel room. The cool thing about Vonage though is that when I’m in China, that US call will reach my apartment in Shanghai. So anyway, I’ve been a little bored being back. The US just doesn’t appeal to me that much. The over the top, drive everywhere lifestyle of the SF burbs is getting to me. So, what better time to reconnect with friends, right?

Well my “friends” are basically turning me into a goddamn, pathetic stalker. I email that I’m back. I text message them to call me. I call and leave messages on their answering machines. No fucking reply. I mean, I understand that customer service has gone to the shits the last two years, but I’m not a frickin’ customer. I’m your friend!! Usually, I’m quite laid back about these silly friendship sort of things. I mean, come on, people have their own damn lives you know. Can’t be on the damn phone all day. But really, give me a break. What’s the real story here. Am I just no longer a friend (out of sight, out of mind)? Did I do something completely inexcusable (that I’m not even aware of)? Are they ashamed that they’ve dished my calls and messages this long already? Are my repeated messages scaring them? Are they really that self-absorbed? What’s the deal? If I received a single sentence email stating why, I’d be totally happy with that. We could end things right there. But this no closure shit is ridiculous. And as I do possess mild forms of OCD, the lack of response only makes me persist further– at this point, I think I’m going to chew some people out really soon. Honestly, I just don’t get it. It’s depressing really. People are the shits. Bottom line. That’s why I gotta help animals.

I’m in a sour mood these days. I think it’s the combination of being away from home (Shanghai) and feeling disconnected here. John works all day and I stay busy learning random things, but I don’t know. I’m just done here. I can’t get excited about being in this beautiful place with gorgeous weather. On top of that, Bubs and I haven’t been getting along. Surprised? Well you should be, especially after all my puke-inducing posts going on and on about how Bubs is the best. Shit started hitting the fan after he returned to Shanghai in April. We just started clashing. Then we thought this trip back to the States would be fun and a good opportunity to re-bond. But that’s failed. I did all the PA stuff, but what more does he want me to do? Yes, we should do some fun weekend trips, but if he’s too tired to drive long distances and he doesn’t like my driving, what’s the point? I mean, we’re not creating some Goodbers Book of Travels, so if we don’t feel like traveling, who really cares? Who are we trying to please? I just want to go home and play with Remy and Martin. I’m gonna see an acupuncturist tomorrow, hopefully get this allergy bullshit behind me, and then start plotting going home. Lucky me, the parents will be there as soon as we’re back in town. Joy.

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