First Weekend in CA

First Weekend in CA

John and I started out with all these adventurous plans for the weekend. First, it was Yosemite. Then, that was too far and we thought Santa Cruz would be a better destination. Ultimately, our lazy asses triumphed and Saturday was spent sleeping. I know, sounds so lame but I swear the bed here is just so damn comfy. So big and soft and cushiony. You just can’t fight its sleep-inducing effect.

Plus, my allergies are totally out of control now. The maid must have thought we were wasteful tissue freaks– I went through an entire box in one day. Constant drainage. When I pop Allegra to get some relief, the shit knocks me out. Hence, the wasted Saturday. I’m calling the allergy physician first thing Monday morning. I just cannot continue like this. Seriously, aside from the elephant nose, itchy eyes, and jandiced complexion, I just cannot function like a regular human being. And I’m not even working, right? So, first things first.

I’m happy to report that Sunday was a bit more active. We headed downtown to the Fisherman’s Wharf area to check out the Farmer’s Market. Unfortunately, we’re still in our “less is more” mode, so we didn’t feel like buying anything. Was good to walk around though. John is improving his parallel parking skills (only hit the curb once this time). We grabbed lunch at a Mediterranean place– it was disappointing. Had a crummy Greek salad that tasted way off from the strange dressing to the offbeat olives.

In the afternoon, we walked to Coyote Point park, down the street from our hotel. Not a particularly attractive park, but it had some paved trails in the woods and offered picnic areas, volleyball fields, kite-flying fields, and a small beach. Took some pics. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been posting a ton of pics for you. And they’re good ones, eh? Thanks to our new digital camera, the Canon SD500. John did a great job researching it. We’ve been very pleased with the results. 🙂 Btw, if you want a decent used camera (3 MP), check out my Ebay auction for our Nikon Coolpix 880. Also a very nice camera, but you know how John and I are. We gotta stay current with technology. It’s great to reunite with Ebay. Yes, being back in the US requires that I hook right back up to my Ebay IV. Cleaning house somehow clears my head. I dunno. Ebay’s a weird form of therapy for me.

So this week begins a whole new list of things to do. I discovered on Craigslist that a bunch of students at Stanford are looking for subjects to participate in their research. Hehe, I used to do this when I was an undergrad at Duke. Easy money, baby. And sometimes it’s actually quite fun. So I’m signing up to participate in some Stanford study on Chinese American women. Yeah, bring it on. Ask me anything about the Chinese parents, the expectations, the pressures, the constant confrontations. Bring it. I’ll talk your damn ear off!

I’ve also decided to learn Spanish. If I’m gonna live in Cali, I want to know Spanish. Today I ordered a book/CD and this evening I found a website with the basics. Should be fun.

Ok, gotta hit the sack. My sleeping is all fucked up again, thanks to my allergy meds. Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze!

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