I Hiked 8 Miles!

I Hiked 8 Miles!

I spent the day with Kelly, a friend of John’s coworker. We hung out together since John and Alon were hard at work. I’m quite pleased with myself as I planned the stops and prepped the driving directions. So first stop was Muir Woods, a beautiful and peaceful place with redwoods and sequoias. I was last there two years ago with John (on our honeymoon). Of course, John and I were lazy then– we only walked the small loop, and we left the park after about an hour.

Today was different. Kelly selected the longer of two trails, and we ended up walking 4 miles uphill and back. Exhausting. I mean, I had just done the elliptical the other day and was sore as hell from my 10-minute workout (I know, pathetic). Ah well, I survived and all was good. After Muir Woods, we grabbed some grub at Greens. Not as tasty as I recall. Think I just ordered the wrong thing.

Hit the Palace of Fine Arts next– super beautiful although the architecture of Roman columns felt slightly out of place. Last stop was a drive down Lombard street– what a ritzed up neighborhood over there. As we headed back to John’s office, we had the great fortune of getting stuck in rush hour traffic on 101S. Not fun. Luckily we weren’t traveling on 101N– the scene was much worse.

Anyway, off to bed soon. Enjoy the pics.

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