Insomnia Sucks

Insomnia Sucks

Bummer. I wrote this lengthy blog yesterday about everything I’ve been up to. Then, the internet connnection died and I lost the post. Fuckin’ A. Well I suppose I’ll have to recreate it. Unfortunately, I can’t do that right now… I’m going to pick up John from work shortly.

But overall, I’m doing okay. Running all kinds of the usual, unpleasant errands that require calling banks, setting up appointments, seeking customer service assistance. Loads of fun I tell you.

The good news is the weather in SF is awesome. Really sunny, bright, and warm. Guess it’s a fair trade since SH is really nice this time of year too. Well yesterday after work, John and I went to Half Moon Bay. Got some nice shots for you. Earlier the same day, I met up with Josh in downtown SF. Caught up over lunch and walked along the waterfront. I saw a fleet of five tow trucks remove a bunch of cars along the Embarcadero. Sucks to be the car owners. Got my public transportation fix too: rode the BART downtown. Smooth, easy ride. Of course I probably looked like a druggie– I was so tired from my recent sleep deprivation.

Did I tell you? I visited one of the area animal shelters a few days ago. Our hotel is right next to one– that place had the plumpest stray dogs I’ve ever seen. This pups were living the good life– huge, clean kennels, nice blankets, new toys. I was thinking of putting Remy and Martin up in there. Just kidding. Anyway, animal shelters are no games here. That particular one operates on a $7M annual budget. Not too shabby. They have 80 staffers and 500 volunteers!! If only women’s orgs got that much community support. Ah well, the animals deserve good things too. Okay, gotta run. More later.

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