Vonage Works Now!

Vonage Works Now!

So after all my bitching about CT blocking port 5060, that didn’t even turn out to be the issue. I know, I thrive off the drama. You know you love it. Of course, identifying the true culprit took a gazillion calls to tech support…

So here’s the deal. Port 5060 is blocked; however, the problem was two-fold: 1)our WAN MAC address was registered under another Vonage customer’s account (this required some special problem ticket to resolve) and 2) our power converter fuzzed up the dialtone so badly we didn’t even know the line was live until Vonage called it. So things are good now that the line works, but god, Vonage tech support (or all tech support for that matter) sucks. From my wild goose chase, I’ve realized tech support reps are just a bunch of monkeys reading the same exact script. And even more annoying is their overconfidence. They act like there are actual distinctions in their technical abilities– WRONG. Ugh. Customer support these days. It’s exhuasting, and I’ve done WAY too much of it: first for my Compaq laptop (HDD, the DVD-ROM, the screen, the overheating/random shutoff issue), then my parent’s HP laptop (random shutoffs, screen defect), then my parent’s HP OfficeJet (mechanical issue), then my brother’s sound system (bad power supply), then John’s Bose headset, then the first Linksys router (DOA), then Adelphia broadband for my parents, and now Vonage. Yeah, I’m like the CSR contact person for my whole family. I dunno how the hell I got shitted on. And they wonder why I’m pissy all the time. Duh. On to happy thoughts…

It’s our 2nd wedding anniversary today. Such a puny number, we’re not even doing anything for it. He’s working, I’m teaching. Whatever. Who wants to go by 2 when you can go by 8 1/2 years! Can you believe? We are such old farts, certainly not the goofy college kids we once were. Still, we’re going strong. Bubbey’s still the best. We’re going to celebrate tomorrow probably. Maybe we’ll try to recreate Melting Pot’s fondue at home or something. At this point, we’re all about low maintenance. I know, I should do more nice wifely things (as my parents often remind me) and I will, but you don’t need to hear about my cooking attempts, etc. I’m working on it. John has complimented me recently, saying I’m quite the sandwich maker… aren’t you jealous?

Ok, off to blow my brains out my nose. Still battling the allergies. I think Allegra has stopped working. I’ll probably have to start snorting Nasonex soon. Sucks.

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