Don’t Mess with the Xinjiang Peeps

Don’t Mess with the Xinjiang Peeps

Well I saw a fight today. I know, call me sheltered: 28 y/o and never seen a fight. We were heading home on Yishan Road and suddenly, some dude sprinted down the street, Tom Cruise MI style. When I turned my head forward, there was this guy on the sidewalk getting chased/grabbed/punched by two other guys. John immediately recognized the two men with the upper hand as the Xinjiang dudes– they man his favorite little lamb-kebab stand. Boy were they beating the guy up. John blames him for trying to run, but geez, they punched him in the face. A bunch of people started crowding around. The Xinjiangers grabbed him by the collar and just started heading back towards the their restaurant. He must’ve stolen their cash box or something. I don’t know, but it was disturbing as hell witnessing violence like that. I had my cell phone out ready to call the cops, but by then, things calmed down. Ugh. I’m going to ask the Xinjiang guys about the incident the next time we drop by for kebabs.

Other than that, I myself have been on the verge of explosive violence this week, thanks to Vonage tech support. Jesus fucking christ. I swear L1 through advanced tech support are all the same. I spoke to about 10 people, and every single time they asked for my account number, address verification, model number, configuration, etc… Do these people not have a computer to document this shit or what? I mean, I’m practically doing their jobs for them: I researched all this stuff online at Vonage forums. I emailed random people asking about their setup. ARGGHH!! So the endnote is that they are going to call me back. Fuckers. Tech support bites ass.

Okay, 9am. Time to get rolling. I reorganized my drawers yesterday. I feel liberated already.

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