Getting Things Done!

Getting Things Done!

Omfg, we’re at the end of April already? From your point of view, I’ve been a total slack ass, especially with my scant four posts a month. Well most of you know how I am, I’ve been busting ass being busy with all kinds of stuff; yet, if you ask to see results, I have little to show for. So, on John’s suggestion, I’m now reading David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. Supposedly, he’ll enlighten me with an entirely new way of organizing my life. I’m looking forward to the transformation.

In other news, classes are going okay. Nothing too big to report. I spent a lot of last week developing my dog treats’ product labels. I made more batches of treats. I may ditch the cookie cutters entirely. I should have bought those $70 Martha Stewart cutters, because these ones suck. You’ll see what I mean later. Anyway, baking dog treats ends up being a several-hour ordeal. I’m pretty pleased with my packaging now, but my friend Danielle said I need to also offer a larger size. She wants to purchase 5-lb bags or something!

So last week Danielle, Michele, and I volunteered at the animal shelter in Baoshan District. The place, about 90 minutes away (the driver got lost), was a decent facility. Some politics are going down, but that’s another story. The animals look okay. I met a really nice animal lover there, Ms. Yang. Really sweet Shanghainese lady who has 30 cats! Also made contact with a guy from Novartis (they make Remy and Martin’s heartworm preventative– Sentinel). Anyway, Danielle and I are going to create a pet adoption page for StarPups, so stay tuned!

I know, don’t harass me about pictures. John just got a new dig camera, so sorry for the delay while I figure out how to work the damn thing. Photos will be uploaded soon (I know, promises, schomises).

Okay, time to make progress on my book. Later!

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