Spring is here!

Spring is here!

I tried so many times this week to submit an entry– fuckin’ internet is the shits again. Times out and still no damn access to Google news. So I had all these instances where I took mental notes: “Okay, remember to write about this in the blog,” I’d tell myself. Unfortunately, I forgot most of them.

So here I am on a Friday night… I actually went out to a bar with some friends this evening. Yeah, a big deal for a shut-in like me. Earlier today, I unfortunately wasn’t all that productive. I basically putzed around and then waited for my friend Tien while she interviewed with MS. I actually ended up sharing a bench with a woman and her palm reader. After the woman left, the palm reader started harassing me. I dunno, sometimes these people can be quite accurate, but I didn’t want to hear about my short life expectancy…

So Tien and I trekked all the way to the Bund for this ladies’ night out. Just our luck, the rest of the crew got sloshed before ever making it to the destination… Bar Rouge was a bit hoyty for my tastes, so we left and headed to Thai Gallery.

TG was pretty cool– a sort of artsy, loungy place. In need of some improvements, but not a bad space/ambience otherwise. Will prob go back for some authentic Thai food– had a pretty big menu over there.

Ugh. Well I’m exhausted. I’ll post another entry soon. Later.

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