Ladies Night

Ladies Night

Is it just me or does Ladies Night seem a little predatory? I was reading through one of the English city mags, and I guess I never noticed before but those promos are everywhere. Does my reaction seem a little strange, given I am the cheapest of all cheapies? Yeah, one might dwell on the free drinks part or argue that this is a rare (and welcome) case of women’s privilege. But me? I was drawn to an ad for Judy’s. It had this topless girl (she was so rail thin, I’d say she was pre-pubescent) draped on a sofa or against a wall, looking apprehensive and borderline scared. I dunno, the ad just annoyed me. The whole concept reminds me of frat parties for some reason. I mean, yeah women can control how much they consume but ugh! I think I’ve just heard too many stories of sexual debauchery, sugar daddies, and extramarital affairs.

In other news, I guess Easter is this weekend. What the hell is Easter anyway? The rebirth of Jesus or of Christ? Are they the same person? John supposedly went to CCD (I don’t know what it stands for, but it’s basically Christianty school) and he doesn’t know shit. Lucky for me, I grew up in a household where money is god (okay, not that extreme), so ignorance is my excuse. Maybe when I really really care to know, I’ll look it up on Wikipedia.

Okay, been up since 5:30 this morning when I took the pups for their walk in the darknesss. Afterwards, we went up ten flights of stairs. This exercise thing is a pain in the ass, but it’s a good thing I have dogs; otherwise, I’d never go through this kind of trouble. Uh oh, I’m dozing off a bit. Time for a power nap.

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