Shanghai Customers

Shanghai Customers

There’s a reason why service in Shanghai is quite good… I don’t mean service from the little mom and pop shops or the street vendors (for stuff that’s only a few kuai, buy at your own risk); I mean service at established shops– places with a storefront. The other day, I was at the salon and this SH customer started going on and on about how every morning when she goes to the salon to get her hair washed (it does only cost 10 kuai, but geez, don’t you shower anyway?), she dodges two of the morning attendants like they’re diseased. She said, “I just could never have my hair washed by those two ladies– they are so ugly.” Yeah, forget all the stories about face and kissing ass in China. When it comes to the customer, he/she is king, and she says whatever the hell she wants. So there I am thinking, “What the fuck does being unattractive have to do with your hands or your technique for washing hair or massaging someone’s scalp?” Totally irrelevant and what, ugly people have no right to live and work? It was ridiculous. And I fucking said so (actually, I didn’t know the demanding customer was still in the room in a curtained off area). I told my attendant SH clients are unreasonably demanding. I mean, fuck, customer service is tough anywhere but here? These service people put up with too much shit and verbal abuse, if you ask me. At least the woman heard my take and then retracted her comment, insisting it wasn’t necessarily that they were ugly, but more that they had poor technique. Fine then. Whatever.

I know SH is supposedly the most industrialized, modern, and cosmopolitan city in China, but god, there was a lady in there getting eyelash extensions. I’d never even heard of that, except with JLo, who uses red fox fur extensions for her fluffy lashes. Strangely, I felt weirded out and fascinated at the same time. I mean, I was there for a facial and massage, so who am I to say… but god, they need to shut up already about how dark my skin is and how many freckles I have. My attendant told me she’s been eyeing these special undergarments– a tube top, bottoms, and a waist wrap. Apparently, two sets cost 4000 RMB total!!! That’s $480 USD, and her monthly salary is a mere 2000 RMB. But she’s saving up, she says. I thought she was out of her mind. She has a great figure, but she insists the garments are comfy (certainly doesn’t sound comfy, but then again, all my local friends here scolded me for dressing “like a student.”) AND they shape her body to perfection. She’s gonna show me after she gets them… must have some kind of outcome. I’m dying to see.

Anyway, SH women are known for being high maintenance. Crazy pointed heels, super tight clothes, baby soft, powder white skin, fixed up hair… it’s critical business, man. And I know they’re all looking at me and John, thinking, “What the hell is a prime catch like him doing with a scrub like her?” Lucky for me, John isn’t so superficial. What can I say, Bub’s the best. Feminist, smart, sweet, funny, and chatty. 🙂 Okay, enough lovey dovey shit. I know, you’re gagging already. Sorry bout that.

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