Moving Again?

Moving Again?

Okay, so the Goodbers blog is moving once again. Well I definitely warned you right? I mean, now that is back in action, I gotta get up to speed with the latest and greatest. Plus, I told you I attended a web bloggers’ meetup, so surely you expected more geeky moves from me. So here’s the story: I was finally convinced that Blurty was just too limited. I mean, there was no backup system, no photo option, no RSS feed… so it was time to upgrade.

On the advice of the other bloggers in the group, I decided Google’s Blogger was the best option. So ta da! I spent a few hours cutting/pasting my previous blog entries into this one so now we’re all on the same page. I just downloaded Hello, the photoblog tie-in for Blogger, so I’m gonna fiddle with it over the next few days. John and I are going to try and take more pictures. I know, I’ve promised this before, but hey, here it is again in writing for you. Go easy on us: we’re anti-socs after all.

Like a true dork, I’ve been tracking my Goodbers site data as if my life depended on them. I know, I can be so anal. Since my sites (Goodbers and StarPups) have gone live, I’ve gotten about 40 unique visitors. Thank goodness for that level of data detail; otherwise, I’d be the only one generating all the traffic for sure.

Beyond sitting in front of my computer for an eternity, I have actually gotten out some. Last Saturday, we went out with some peeps for dim sum (I think I wrote about that already). On Sunday, we went out to dinner at Xinya (a Cantonese place) with my dear friend Helen and her sister Grace. The food was not bad; it’s fun trying out new places. Anyway, we had a good time. Helen is a star conversationalist and a super funny gal. I was advised (once again) that I need to update my style– add some color, adopt a new hairstyle, do SOMEthing. Am I really that bad? 🙁 Anyway, I’ll include a pic for you, just so I can try out my Hello thingy.

What else. Oh, I designed my StarPups biz cards. I’m so proud; I’ve been doing all kinds of techie stuff. Of course, I still can’t use Illustrator to save my life, but I found a good workaround: I created my biz card in MS Publisher (Don’t roll your eyes!), then converted to PDF, then imported to Illustrator. Not sure if it’ll work. I know, sounds really complicated but it’s still much easier than learning Illustrator. Ugh. John suggested I read his book, but have you ever read tech books? So BOR-ING! I much prefer to have Bubs school me or I just figure out a lame workaround (but a workaround nonetheless).

I’ve also volunteered to be the webmaster for Lifeline Shanghai, a local counseling/info hotline for expats. I’m meeting with the executive director on Thursday to go over the revamp. Hope she likes it, because it took my entire Friday night.

Anybody watch the Oscars? My TV here stays off for weeks (even months) at a time. I get my news online, surprise, surprise. Swank had a weird dress. But the big question is: where were Brad and Jen? Hehe. I’m such a groupie.

Okay, I’m off. Have an American Women’s Club of Shanghai meeting tomorrow– we’re gonna talk about the upcoming booksale. I can’t wait to offload all our books!

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