What’s Up with the Phlegm?

What’s Up with the Phlegm?

Okay, so it’s no secret. Despite my best attempts to hide my cold (the billionth one I’ve caught) from my father, he still detected my illness over the course of our two-minute phone conversation. Blame it on the damn phlegm that practically choked me to death in my sleep. Yes, I had some bizarro dream last night (No, not the one from last week where Brad Pitt was whispering sweet nothings into my ear…). I started wailing, and then I suddenly couldn’t breathe. Good thing the choking woke me from a shitty dream; otherwise, I would have been pissed. Yes, after I abruptly awoke during the Brad Pitt dream, I pathetically tried to go back to bed to resume my dinner. Of course, I should tell you frankly: he was way more in to me (than I was him). Yeah, I know, that’s why it was a dream.

Anyway, back to real life. I’m starting to feel bummed out, because John’s slated to head out in a couple weeks. No more 24/7 buddy. 🙁

We had a lot of fun today. I met Kai Wing and his cousin Kira at the webblogger’s meetup on Wednesday night. They invited us to join them for dim sum at Si Ji Xuan, the Cantonese restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel (where Kira works). Usually, I scoff at calling dim sum a meal, but boy was I stuffed above and beyond today. Our lunch was awesome. The service was superb. We were flipping pages of the menu back and forth, trying to figure out what of 40+ items to order. Fortunately, the manager saw us floundering and suggested that he pick about 15 popular dishes for us. Boy was that the way to go! Every dish was a winner. Then, there was fruit, tea, juice. All you could eat. Not bad. John and I will definitely be taking some peeps back to that place.

After the two hours of intensing gorging, we decided a nice, long walk was in order. Today was actually sunny, so we got in some good exercise. Along the way, I got a pair of kickass, superwarm Thinsulate gloves, two DVDs (which Bubs is calling me in to watch… NOW!), and we stopped by this new place called Garden Bookstore. Really nice bookstore/cafe. Okay, I have to go now. That’s about the sum of my day though. Off to movie night!

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