In the Line of Fire

In the Line of Fire

The weather had been so nice here that I never even considered checking accuweather… of course as my luck would have it, last week I got caught biking home in a skirt in the rain. I was a mess when I got home.

Here’s my take: already I’ve given in to some to the practicalities for biking. For example, if my outfit requires that I wear heels, I’ll wear the dress/skirt or whatever but bike in wearing sneakers and then change. Nobody here does that (women just bike in their stillettos!). But I refuse to get a poncho. I just hate the notion of wrapping myself in plastic. For one, I have this fear of suffocating in it. Every time I see people wrapped up in that shit–and here it’s as thin as a grocery bag– I can’t help but think of those warnings they print on bags in the States. Second, I’d feel like I’m doing one of those stupid weight loss (water loss) treatments. Regardless, the bottom line is I learned my lesson. Yes, I could bike with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other, but biking here is simply too dangerous for such foolishness. Instead, I just check the weather every day online (sometimes it’s accurate, sometimes it’s not), and if there’s even the slightest chance of rain, I metro in. Enough said.

Oh god, almost forgot. Man, the spitting here has got to stop. People spit while their riding their bikes. And twice, I’ve nearly biked right into their packet flying in mid-air. Really close calls. I’m sure one of these days, I’ll get hit. I hope I won’t be too big of a ninny about it. I’ll just keep reminding myself: I used to collect waste samples at the landfill. I used to research solid waste. Bodily fluids? No big deal. Right.

I had another crazy busy week at work. I’m starting to compile a list of grievances– regarding my workspace and my contract. 🙂 This job sure is requiring a lot of outside research. Already, I had to look over the Chinese tax laws to make sure Worksoft (my hiring agent) wasn’t screwing me over by nixing my tax exemption (they sure tried). Now I’m reading over the Chinese labor laws so I have leverage to demand OT pay and who knows what else. I swear, there’s a huge gap here between the laws on the books and in practice. I’ll probably come across as a brash, demanding, bitchy American but whatever man. Bush has screwed our international reputation anyway. No, actually this has nothing to do with Bush. I just believe in getting what is legally granted. Fair is fair. Why should I allow employers to get away with exploiting their workers? Screw that! If they don’t budge, that’s another story, but at least I shoud speak up.

I finally finished all my audio recordings at work. I’m getting soooo sick of hearing myself. I’m talking hours of audio! By now, I’m starting to get pretty good at it, although my coworker said I sounded really pissy. Hmm, wonder why. Must have been Thursday– the day after our shameful elections. God, I just cannot get over Kerry’s loss. I’m not being dramatic: I truly believe that the US is going to shit. And with Bush appointing as many as three more Supreme Court judges? Jesus fucking Christ. We are so screwed.

Anyway, it’s early Sunday morning here. I gotta get going.

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