The Parentals

The Parentals

Blame it on the election year– in the last several months, my relationship with the parents has really soured. Honestly, I was beginning to resent them for their weird blend of Republican elitism and snobbery… Fortunately, I was rightfully reminded that I should respect my parents no matter what. I mean yeah, in many ways they are very obsessed with educational pedigree and professional prestige, but as John explained, that is not so much a characteristic specific to my parents. Rather, it’s a Chinese thing. The other hangup I have/had is my parents will vote for Bush again. So yeah, not good. I try to argue that Bush is anti-woman and anti-immigrants and anti- any sense at all, but in the end, their decision is driven by taxes and malpractice issues. I know my parents have never forgotten their humble beginnings. They still treat people they meet–of all socio-economic status–with respect and kindness. So I guess even if they support someone who’s a total asshole to less fortunate people, I guess it helps that they don’t adopt his policies directly. Still, it’s weird: they never seem to support my passions to help underprivileged people… Anyway, the point is, we have our disagreements and varying points of views, but they aren’t complete aliens. 🙂 At the core, they really are good, generous people (unlike many other Republicans), so I am proud.

Subject switch: what is up with all the crazy weather going down in FL and CA? Four hurricanes and an earthquake? Poor residents. Jesus Christ. The US is going to hell. Speaking of which, I was listening to NPR and Democracy Now today. What a goddamn mess in Iraq AND Afghanistan. And the mainstream media is reporting that more women are voting Republican because of the security issue? What the hell? Are these women complete idiots? Have they been through airport security lately? I do NOT feel more safe. This is total bullshit. God all that Department of Homeland Security crap is such a joke. Have these Bush voters noticed the deficit lately? Hello? Fiscal conservatives? Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Morons.

Okay, enough name calling. Hey, anyone want any of our old books for sale at I got a lil’ Santa helper administering my shipping/handling. Heh, heh.

God, I’m on this new allergy medication and it makes me drowsy. Feel all loopy and shit. Okay hitting the sack early.

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