Citigroup onboard!

Citigroup onboard!

Got an email today from Rainbow Consulting: Citigroup Shanghai finally signed on for Communications Training. So that’s all fine and dandy because we’ve been chasing this project since June. But during the entire process, as we inched closer and closer to a deal, I kept harassing Dan (the boss at Rainbow Consulting) to give me the terms of her offer to me. Basically, Citigroup is her client, and I’m the trainer she has sold to them for this project. Still, she never told me how much I’d get paid, what the expectations were, or any other details of my arrangement with her. So two days ago, she emails me saying we got the job and that the pay is about 1/3 what I originally quoted to her. Sure, I didn’t expect her to pay me exactly what I seeked, but come on… putting it off til the very end and then hoping that urgency will force me to accept without negotation? That’s plain stupid. I’ve gotten screwed far too many times by employers already. So the bargaining is on. We’ll see how she responds.

In other news, the ISAW Global client is working out wonderfully. My lessons with Frank are brief– only 60 minutes, but I can see that he is pleased. Last week he even mentioned wanting to have me on his staff doing recruitment for technical clients… I’m open to hearing more…

I got an email from IBM Shanghai today. They have a senior writing position. Sounds like a job for which I am well suited– editing and writing e-training documents. How cool would that be working for Big Blue?

Outside the job hunting front, we’re coming up on Zhong Qiu Jie– Mid-Autumn Festival. I liken the holiday to a Chinese Thanksgiving. It’s basically a time to gather with families to watch the full moon and eat mooncakes.

John recently got his business cards printed. So professional. He made two designs this time. Despite issues with quality control and color consistency, the cards for the most part came out okay, especially considering they cost only $6 USD/box.

John is doing well. Since moving to China, he has lost over 20 lbs, thanks to a combination of eating less, drinking less soda, and exercising. I’m so proud of Bubbey. He looks and feels so much better. New version of Bubs!

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