Finals Schminals

Finals Schminals

Well I had my final class for Cissy yesterday evening. Gave her a 7-page final exam. I had her cramming Monday at lunch and all the way up to the exam at 7 pm, she said. So all that’s left now is grading the exam and writing up an evaluation. Not too bad.

Of course, I AM still out of my laptop. Argh. John and I went laptop browsing yesterday– there just isn’t much to be desired in the PC laptop market, or so John insists. Pretty much, my 3-yr old laptop has a screen better than most of the units out there (which are in the under $2k range). I just hope they can fix my Compaq. I really don’t want to go through getting another computer.

In other news, what’s up with my friends? I haven’t been getting any email for like two weeks! Come on folks. I know you’re busy, but you know working for myself has deprived me of office gossip. I need to make up for it somewhere. Drop me a line or something. Please.

We’re having lunch today with Em at La Seine, a tasty French restaurant with a yummy lunch appetizers/dessert buffet. Awww yeah. Gonna get my sweet tooth on! The other exciting thing about this meeting is Em and I are doing a trade. Nip/Tuck and Curb (which I really HATE, btw) for Six Feet Under and a Reese flick (Alabama). It’s like a book club, but with DVDs. Hee, hee. Speaking of books, have any of your checked out Book Crossing. It’s somewhat confusing but an interesting concept to follow the lives of your books. For me, I just view it as a way to get rid of extra crap clogging up the bookshelf. I’m supposed to release a few into the wild today.

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