Becks and Posh

Becks and Posh

Who knew I’d fall into the drama of celebrities like Becks and Posh. It’s so out of character. 😉 Ok, so I spend some time every day surfing EOnline and Yahoo Entertainment News, so what? I need something to balance out the horror of Bush’s reign of terror…

So the latest news apparently (and I honestly didn’t follow these two royals until now) is that Becks had an affair with his personal assistant– Rebecca Loos, the daughter of a Dutch diplomat (as if that matters? what, upper crust people always have morals?). Anyway, the setting is described in most stories as this: Becks signed on with the Madrid soccer team and relocated to Spain. Posh and the two kids stayed in England. He had only been there a few months and then voila, the adultry begins. Anyway, I read some article today essentially blaming Posh for David’s infidelity. Yeah, you read me? The writer blames her for being selfish, because she has no reason to pursue her singing career, which is already “dead in the water.” So right, because she’s married to someone who makes lots of dough, she’s supposed to just quit her aspirations and move whereever. Nevermind that England is their home. Oh no. And let’s not forget poor, poor David. Alone in a new city with temptation all around him. “What did you expect Posh?” Well hell yeah, I’d expect my husband to get himself “acclimated” with his little helper too. What the fuck ever. Just another story where, if the affair is indeed true, the guy wrongs his wife; yet, somehow the story gets twisted so that he gets sympathy while his wife gets blame. Such bullshit. Come on! I’m not even a fan of either of them. I mean, the Spice Girls? Sorry, never caught on, but still, this shit put me in a foul mood today. Argh, who are these psychos?

In other news, my legs are totally black and blue. Yesterday, John and I were out walking the dogs. It was a warm night and I thought it’d be great to run Remy around. So I started running and calling her. Well, as has happened in the past, I didn’t see the damn wires stretched out about 15 feet from the nearest tree (to help it grow straight). Like an idiot, I tripped over it and fell on my face. It was a tough fall too. I now have a wire bruise across my shins. Thankfully, I didn’t get a bloody nose, but boy, I got all dizzy afterwards. To make matters worse, today John’s bike fell on me. The handlebar jabbed me in my thigh. Another bruise. Super injury-prone these days.

I had my third SABIC class this evening. Still lovin’ it. The country director actually sat in tonight. I think he enjoyed it so I get to keep the job a while longer. 🙂

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